“I say to the whole world that the instruction to kill me received official Bogota from the White house,” said Maduro in the air of the Venezuelan state channel

"Я говорю на весь мир, что указание убить меня поступило официальной Боготе из Белого дома", - заявил Мадуро в эфире венесуэльского госканала

The President of Venezuela accused the U.S. of organizing the assassination, which used drones filled with explosives. And the order to murder came from the administration of the trump.

“The order to kill me came to the oligarchs and the government in Bogota directly from the White house. I say this openly,” said the Venezuelan President.

The assassination attempt on Maduro came two months ago when during a military parade in Caracas to the podium where he was headed a few drones. Maduro himself was not injured.

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