I speak about what hurts, – Vladimir Ostapchuk has commented on your joke about divorce

One of the most high-profile divorces of Ukrainian show-business has become the gap showman Vladimir Ostapchuk with his wife Helen Voychenko. The former favourite has repeatedly made controversial statements at a time as the man answered only with sharp jokes and provocative pictures. The presenter admitted that in this way demonstrates their experiences.

Personal life of Vladimir Ostapchuk within a few months remains one of the most discussed topics in the domestic show-business. Such a stir in the network contributes primarily showman himself, who stirs public interest intriguing pictures and a sharp sense of humor.

During a conversation with Ekaterina Osadchaya for “high life” he said that in no way uses the divorce to their PR: “in Any case, I would not say that this hyplus make of this show.” Ostapchuk is convinced that such attention is due to the fact that people in Ukraine, which ranks fifth among other countries in the number of divorces, climb into someone else’s life and trying to give advice.

Ekaterina Osadchaya asked if he brings pain to his children and ex-wife by posting on the network provocative messages with the other women. However, the facilitator is convinced that the situation with divorce in the past, and he started a new life, where you wouldn’t want to offend loved ones. Now Elena and they communicate solely on the subject of children and money.

I can’t answer some nonsense, because I’m a man. But the humor and the fact that now I’m writing stand-up and speak about what hurts me. I think that this is just my kind of therapy… I do not accept the role of victim. We’re adults, we can go on to do other things, so this is a normal story. I in any case would not want to offend anyone,
– commented Vladimir Ostapchuk.

Karatina Osadchaya also not paid attention to the rumors about the new novel the showman with a 33-year-old Christine, who works as a notary. In social networks appeared a couple vacation photos, published at the same time. However, the presenter did not comment on relationship with a girl: “This is a question that requires that I have to justify… If you want me to have Christine, Val, Mary, Gregory, Sasha, it is a question for the people who are spreading these rumors”.