“I think this is theater of the absurd”: Anisimov did not want to participate in the hearing

"Считаю это театром абсурда": Анисимов не захотел принимать участие в судебном заседании

Today, March 13, in the Zaporizhya court of appeal considered the complaint of the lawyer Evgeny Anisimov on the revision of a measure of restraint in form of detention. The meeting was held via videoconference, the accused was in jail.

At the beginning of the meeting, the lawyer Anisimov Yuri Krivko said two judges challenge.

“It was a decree of 4 November 2019, which concerned the newly uncovered circumstances related to the fact that the Interpol’s wanted list my client was not in the composition of the panel were judges Argue and Belokon,” said the lawyer Krivko and added that the withdrawal said not all Board and only the two judges.

The challenge was rejected.

In the appeal the lawyer stated that the correspondence the investigation was initially illegal.

“There were no grounds to conduct an investigation in absentia… the Agenda went to the address where he lived and could not live… Anisimov has not been announced on the international wanted list,” said Krivko.

He also noted that the court has not determined the amount of bail, violating the rights of the accused.

Anisimov himself said that his lawyer is authorized to make all statements on his behalf and asked me to take him to the cell.

“Can I go in the camera? The lawyer is authorized to make all statements. I know it will all end. Consider it a theater of the absurd. We all know what decision will be taken”, – said Anisimov.

The court granted the accused’s motion, explaining that the meeting was originally held with the participation of Anisimov on the initiative of the court.

Lawyers for victims said that Krivko has not provided evidence that his client was not in the Interpol’s wanted list and questioned the veracity of his statements about it.

“Anisimov was in the international wanted list since 18. 03. 2014,” – said the lawyer of Yevgeny Chernyak, referring to the documents of the interior Ministry.

Krivko has provided a notarized copy of the answer of the Interpol (translation of reply) that Anisimov wanted was.

As a result of the meetings of the panel of judges decided to leave Anisimova under arrest (until 16 April).