“I told Harry that I’m going to die” the father of Meghan Markle once again gave a controversial interview – Channel 24

"Я сказав Гаррі, що краще мені померти": батько Меган Маркл вкотре дав скандальне інтерв'ю - 24 Канал

The father of the Duchess Sussexite Thomas Markle has not ceased to speak in the media with outrageous statements against the Royal family.

So, Thomas Markle swears that it was his last interview with the media. Edition Daily Mail the man told about the call from Prince Harry, in which the grandson of the Queen warned Thomas about the consequences of such communication with journalists.

The father of the Duchess of says that Prince Harry has never met in person, but until the Royal wedding with the future son-in-law had warm relations. They were presented in absentia to each other and often talked on the phone to discuss the right tactics in dealing with journalists.

Interestingly, Prince Harry advised Thomas to avoid the paparazzi.

Harry said that I never contacted the press, this will end in tears. He warned: “They will eat you alive.” And I was right
– said Thomas Markle.

We will note, earlier it was reported that the father of the actress Thomas Markle collaborated with the British paparazzo Jeff Rayner. The man posed for the photographer, showing how he is preparing for the wedding ceremony of his daughter and pretended she did not know that it removes the paparazzi. Subsequently, Jeff Rayner sold the photos to the popular publication, receiving compensation of almost 140 thousand dollars.

"Я сказав Гаррі, що краще мені померти": батько Меган Маркл вкотре дав скандальне інтерв'ю - 24 Канал
Thomas Markle

According to Thomas Markle, he most regrets the last call Harry, when the father of Megan was in the hospital after a heart attack.

Thomas Markle said Prince Harry said to him, “If you’d listened to me, this never would have happened.”

Maybe to you it would be better if I die. Then you could pretend to be sad,
– so said Thomas Prince Harry and hung up.

In the end, he added that he is not mad neither Harry nor Meghan and wish her all the best.

Recall, Thomas Markle is frequently in scandalous news media. A man caught in the machinations, proving the fact of earning money on the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After prolonged deliberations, he refused to take my daughter to the altar, claiming it has the scheduled surgery time. However, journalists believe that the money schemes have become the reason for this sudden decision of Thomas Markle. After that the man gave numerous interviews that have resulted in new scandals.

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