“I took his account”: Timati sharply ridiculed Sobchak

"Приняла на свой счет": Тимати резко высмеял Собчак

The rapper trashed the presenter for laughing at the victims of violence.

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Timothy said Ksenia Sobchak on charges of slander. In his characteristic manner, he did not choose expressions, and collapsed on celebrity critique. The artist had caught the lead in stupidity and do not forget to think of her laughing at a tragedy Stas Kostushkin who have had abuse in childhood.

The reason for another scandal has become the new clip of the singer “Starving”, there is a line: “the Internet is video where I cut a Board.” Sobchak remembered the once acclaimed staging of the video where they imitate Timothy intimacy, and decided that the line was a swipe at her address.

In his telegram channel presenter reacted to a new video of the rapper

“I do not believe that Timothy had fallen…” – wrote Sobchak.

Then Timothy posted in stories all he thinks about Sobchak. He explained that meant his beloved surfboard, which had to be cut live just for the show. The rapper surprised that Sobchak close to my heart took lines from his new song.

“You took it to your address, ahahaha,” wrote the rapper.

In addition, Timothy has condemned Xenia for laughing at a tragedy Stas Kostushkin.

Recall, Ksenia Sobchak allowed himself ironic to speak about violence that happened to a famous singer in childhood. When Kostyushkin was a kid over him and several of his friends abused by a grown man.