“I want to live” – Ukrainian paratrooper surrendered, fearing the signal mines

«Я жить хочу» - украинский десантник сдался в плен, испугавшись сигнальной мины

The soldiers DND prevented breakthrough into the territory of the Republic of Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, capturing one soldier APU.

About this informed the official representative of the operational command of the DNI Daniel Bessonov the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“Press NM DNR has reported that recently three Ukrainian soldiers carried out the preparatory activities for operations of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the area of responsibility of the 93rd mechanized brigade North-East of the Town. After the failure of all three attempts, the commander of the occupying forces Neev expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with the incompetence of the leader of this formation Klochkova and decided to change the direction of the action,” said Bessonov.

According to him, yesterday under the cover of darkness in the direction of Mariupol subversive group of the 79th airborne brigade of four soldiers attempted to secretly approach the NM positions of the DNI, however, ran into a mine signal.

“Three soldiers immediately fled, leaving his companion, who from fear remembered the Russian language and began to cry pitifully: “don’t shoot! I give up! Don’t want to die!”. These days the Ukrainian paratroopers, “fearless” and “selfless”, running into a stupor from triggering the signal of the mines,” – said the official representative of the defense Department.

Fighters NM DNR picked up the representative of the “elite” assault units of the APU and he is now in captivity.

“I am confident that soon we will hear from the commanders of the occupying forces the message another deserter, who escaped with his position or character, supposedly “dead” with fake web attack,” said Bessonov.