“I wanted to give my lips”: the let Dnipro right back who beat the woman in the bus, told his version of the conflict

"Хотел дать по губам": днепрянин, избивший женщину в маршрутке, рассказал свою версию конфликта

After the incident, the abuser himself also suffered from actions of unknown persons who found him and beat him in front of his grandmother.

The participant of the incident in the river Vitaly Larin, who lashed out with his fists at a woman, took two seats in the bus, told his version of what happened.

According to him, the woman was drunk, swearing and provoking the other passengers. Larin says that the woman was asked several times to leave the room, but in vain. He said this on air of the channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“First, the drunk sat down and began to swing right… Hurt everyone I could and saw. I freaked out and wanted to give my lips. I’m sorry about that, but I could no longer tolerate,” he said.

Larin soon paid the price for his behavior. His photo and address were leaked to social networks, and on the same day the two sports guys beat him at the door of his apartment in front of my grandmother. Because of the attack on the man in the police launched a criminal investigation, are investigating a fight in the bus.

“The injured woman immediately from writing the application refused, but later turned myself in to the police Department. The criminal proceedings for hooliganism”, – said the press-Secretary of the national police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Anna starchevskaya.

The police did not give contacts of the victim, she was hiding from publicity. The passenger who attacked her with his fists soon announce a suspicion. However, searching for other participants of the fight. In particular, pensioners who force pulled the victims from the salon.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Union of motorists and truckers Michael long-legged claims that a woman had the right to purchase two seats in the bus.

“Since this is a question we have not resolved, what is not forbidden – is allowed”, – he explained.

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