I was ashamed to go to a salon, Gaitana, who openly admitted about their complexes

Стыдно было идти в салон, – Гайтана откровенно призналась о своих комплексах

Singer Robbie Williams decided to share with fans information that still no one has voiced. The star told about their past systems.

On the official page in Instagram Gaitan said that until the nationwide fame she was a nail-biter. So their condition was so terrible that she was even embarrassed to go to a beauty salon. But for performances, she came up with a way out of this situation: the star wore gloves.

“There is nothing wrong to be self-critical. I have not seen people who are 100% happy with yourself… there is Always something that I’d like to cover, change or cut. But I always admire people who can openly declare their complexes. I’ll start with myself. When I was biting nails, they were in a terrible state, I was ashamed even to come to the salon. I constantly hid his hands from all, and on the stage wore gloves,” said Gaitan.

The singer managed to overcome these complexes. Now Gaitan willingly shows his manicured hands and likes to make a bold manicure that attracts the attention of the public. The artist prefers plain varnish. What manicure Gaitan boasted since the beginning of the 2019 – in the selection of LifeStyle 24.