“I was on the red carpet with brad pitt,” Alexander Chistov on the victory in Cannes, goals, and dreams

"Я была на красной дорожке с Брэдом Питтом" Саша Чистова о победе в Каннах, целях и мечтах

In Lviv, at Pizza Celentano Ristorante, held a press-lunch with Sasha Finishing the Lvov which became the winner of the 2019 World Bloggers Awards – the “Oscars for bloggers”, which was held in late may in Cannes (France).

Her first video was filmed on the webcam of the laptop. When beginning a little more to off – load the effect of “word of mouth”. All told each other about vlog Sasha, because then these videos were not popular.

“When I started, I didn’t even know that it would lead me to such a high numbers (1.6 million followers on Instagram, – LifeStyle 24)”, – says Sasha.

Sasha won the award for Best Youth Influencer is the one who is a better influence on young people. The first criterion for choosing the winner, the interaction with the subscribers that the young blogers better. She’s only 21 and she already has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and the same on YouTube, where she openly talks about her life.

What did You feel when you found out that nominated for the award? Who first told the good news?

When I found out that I was nominated for the award World Bloggers Awards, I was shocked, because this event is for me the most ambitious in the history of my blogista. That happened to me in Cannes is charming, because we were standing a few meters from the famous stars. On the red carpet 30 seconds before my release was brad pitt. To see him, it was something unforgettable,
sharing his emotions Sasha.

Rule the red carpet – you can’t do a selfie and take the phone. Taking pictures with your own cameras is strictly prohibited!

The secret blogger?

“I like to shoot video. I’m not doing this for money. I like to maintain some feedback from subscribers and their attention. We have subscribers loving exchange. I shoot vlogs about 2.5 years. And my audience is experiencing with me all the moments, from sad to cheerful. They are my family. They support me and I them. They are bad – I write Stories with messages that everything will be okay, so they didn’t worry. If I help one person today – it is good,” the girl says.

In what countries have you visited?

“There’s 23 of them, if I’m not mistaken. Favorite country – France. I love Paris. Italy love Venice. I was in Spain, Turkey, Egypt, UK. The entire list will not continue, it will be very long (laughs). I very much want soon to visit Iceland, Australia and Mexico – this is my dream,” says blogger.

Sasha graduated from the ballet school. Her childhood has been associated with the sport. She is 5 years old and went to gymnastics, 8 years old to the ballet. So, of course, without sports is not life. In her list – a visit to the hall three times a week. But he recently decided to change my comfort zone and signed up for the vocals. She admits that for her it is something very interesting and unusual, because she never sang.

Who inspires You? Who is Your mentor or coach?

“I haven’t had to for me who was a mentor. But I love Sonya Esman. She is very cool, interesting and travels a lot. Unfortunately, now she’s shooting a video, but what was she doing once is worth your attention,” admits Sasha.

How to make Instagram appealing?

I select the photo in color. I have no such that all the photos were one color. If I have one picture of the red, then the other must have at least a little red. Photos of the best post in the morning or evening but not at lunch. The most important thing – you have to be interesting. You always need to know what to tell people
shares the secret winner.

You have many different photo shoots. Which one do You remember most?

“(Laughs). I remembered the photo session in Kiev, where I was photographed with a huge cat Claricom, which weighed 15 kilograms. The day after the shooting I had delayed onset muscle soreness. It is strongly hissed me in the face, but I wasn’t afraid of him, because I really love animals,” said Sasha.

What are your future plans in life? What goals are you setting?

“I received the offer to star in a movie in the lead role. Haven’t been able to say specifically, because it has not yet reached a final decision. But I know that won’t sit still, because watching a huge number of people, and I will not allow myself to just sit at home,” said Sasha Chistov.