IBM has produced a revolution in the market of lithium-ion batteries

IBM has partnered with the research Department of Daimler, supplier of electrolyte Central Glass and manufacturer of batteries Sidus for the development of the battery of a new type. First the results are impressive.

New design battery, invented by engineers of the International Business Machines Corporation, made from materials obtained from seawater and requires no cobalt, the price of which in recent years has grown at least three times, according to Hindustantimes.

The first results

Technology developed in the laboratories of IBM, has already proved superior to lithium-ion battery: price, charging time and energy efficiency.

According to Jeff Wesler, Vice-President of IBM Research, the goal of the partnership with Daimler, the company, Central Glass and Sidus is to create the first working prototype within a year. While IBM itself would not necessarily be engaged in the manufacture of the battery.

The main producers of batteries are trying to reduce the use of cobalt in Li-ion batteries. According to experts, the market on the background of the development of electric vehicles may soon face a shortage of this metal, which is mined primarily in the Congo.

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