Ice-Pick Lodge intends to announce the next game this summer

Ice-Pick Lodge собирается анонсировать следующую игру этим летом

Domestic Ice-Pick Lodge are in a difficult situation: a remake of “Mora” was in labor too long, a lot of money at the start, he did not bring a creative batteries need recharging. About what awaits the Studio on, in an interview with DTF said Nikolay Dybowski.

Most importantly – Ice-Pick Lodge still going to release the following two scenarios of”Mora”. But, as recognized by the Dybowski, he’s a bit “burned out” – he needed a break and do something else to gain strength and to evaluate pathologic and fresh interested eye.

Now the Dybowski working on a small project called “Franz”. The developer does not disclose details, but says that the game is inspired by the “creepypasta” – Kraina Grzyb?w and the “Wyoming incident”. Inspired by in terms of feelings of uncertainty: “In these stories (well, even if it is fake, who cares) fascinates me particularly because it is unclear who and what started all this, what’s the point was” – says the Dybowski.

Franz will be a mobile game, but not shareware. Ideologically, the project is much stronger associated with “More”than “tuk-tuk-Tuk” – the most financially successful piece of Ice-Pick Lodge.

The Studio is going to announce its new project this summer, but judging by the words of Dybowski, do not take this as iron promise: “The more you see what is happening on the streets – now it is difficult to plan something, even approximately. Work – and thank God. As soon as we have something to show – show”.

That to scenarios a Bachelor’s degree and a Fake one for “Mora”, the new look “actually found”. In these scenarios, the Dybowski wants to change the concept, but to preserve the spirit of the game: “Both are not similar to the game for the Haruspex, nor on each other”. For example, the history of the Bachelor has a different rhythm, perception of the world and look at the disease.

Rumor was, if in Ice-Pick Lodge reigns some contention, however, the Dybowski, artistic Director Peter Potapov and technical leader Ayrat Zakirov chorus say, there were disputes, but nothing serious happened: “You’re not going to talk about the divorce when the couple once the sneaker is not shared?” Closing the Studio is not going to.

Full version of interview read on DTF.

Ice-Pick Lodge собирается анонсировать следующую игру этим летом