Iceland will pay a fine for walking groups Hatari Eurovision-2019: details

Исландия заплатит штраф за выходку группы Hatari на Евровидении-2019: детали

In may 2019 has died down, one of the most popular singing contests in the world – Eurovision. The show is remembered not only for spectacular performances of the participants, but high-profile scandals. In particular, the group Hatari from Iceland scored a trick, for which the country will pay a fine.

Sunday, September 22, the European broadcasting Union confirmed that contestants from Iceland is still paid for violation of the rules of the Eurovision song contest. As reported by the journalists of Deutsche Welle, monetary compensation does not require from the musicians themselves, but from the broadcaster RUV, which sent a team Hatari for the contest.

The official statement said that the team had violated the ban on the politicization of the Eurovision song contest-2019, raising the flag of Palestine. It is unknown what amount will be paid by Iceland for such a trick artists.

As there was a scandal with a group of Hatari

In the final of the Eurovision song contest-2019 the representatives of Iceland came up with a song Hatrio. Men’s group, which includes performers Clemens, Matthias and Einar, has produced a provocative number in which used large metal decorations and themed costumes in the style of BDSM. However, not as shocking provoked penalties from the organizers of Eurovision-2019.

During the announcement of voting results the members of the group Hatari unfurled the flag of Palestine, to once again show his attitude to political conflict. After the show, the musicians have published the corresponding photo on your blog, provoking a scandal. Even then, the European broadcasting Union has condemned such actions of representatives of Iceland and stressed that “the consequences of these actions will be discussed by the Advisory group.”

Исландия заплатит штраф за выходку группы Hatari на Евровидении-2019: детали

Eurovision-2019: the political conflict / Screenshot

The results of the vote, the group Hatari ranked 10th, and won by Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands.

What is known about the conflict between Israel and Palestine?During the six day war in 1967, Israel repelled the attacks of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Then under their control departed the Golan heights, which are still part of the state. Syria and most countries of the world condemned these actions by Israel and called the territory illegally annexed. The Palestinians have repeatedly demanded the return of the Golan heights and the creation of a Palestinian state.

Until now, the political conflict escalates military actions: from the Syrian territory is periodically shelled, as Israel strikes in response. Before Eurovision expert group evaluated the security level of the competition and allowed them to show.