Identified the best smartphone on the market

Определили лучший смартфон на рынке

Well-known non-profit organization Consumer Reports has published a review of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10+. According to the results of all tests new South Korean manufacturer has topped the rating of smartphones.

Consumer Reports conducts tests in its own laboratories and is based on the real user reviews, notes 4PDA.

Autonomy. During testing, the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ showed the best result among all the smartphones that have been in Consumer Reports. He worked 39.5 hours, which is 8 hours more as compared to the Galaxy Note9.

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S10 S10e with a smaller battery capacity went from SmartPad, demonstrating the 35.5 and 33.5 hours, respectively.

Video review Samsung Galaxy S10 watch the video

To estimate the time of Autonomous work Consumer Reports uses a robotic finger, which is programmed to perform a number of tasks, and simulates everyday use gadget the average smartphone owner. The robot scans the web sites, takes pictures, sends video, use GPS navigation, make calls and from time to time resting in standby mode.

Reliability. Also Consumer Reports tests the reliability of smartphones, placing them in a special rotating metal chamber, where they fall down 100 times. Often, even the premium models are broken in this test, but the Samsung Galaxy S10+ passed it without any damage.

A similar result was normal Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e but the Galaxy has a few scratches and dents. For comparison, last year’s Galaxy S9+ survived the first 50 drops without problems, but broke down in the second half of the test.

Camera. Part cameras experts Consumer Reports praised the core modules, especially with a wide angle lens, but the dual-front facing camera Galaxy S10+ they were not happy.

Определили лучший смартфон на рынке

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Other features. Among other features, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ professionals noted a larger display, pedestriani the fingerprint scanner and the presence of alternatively more affordable Galaxy S10e.

Note that the flagship Samsung occupy the first place in the rating by Consumer Report for the third year in a row.

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