“Idiots!”: Bilan offended because of the words about the big belly

"Идиоты!": Билан обиделся из-за слов о большом животе

The singer clarified the situation.

Dima Bilan has responded to criticism of people who discovered he had a large belly. Hurt, the singer called it a “singing diaphragm”.

Bilan visited the medical specialist in preparing in a Grand recital concert, scheduled for early February. The singer published a short video from the office. As a comment to the video popular singer wrote: “Here’s to breathing diaphragmatically (belly) is a professional, and professionals confirm!!!! Despite the fact that I’m skinny, but suddenly bulging belly on the stage – this allows you to move while singing, long to hold a note and so on! (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – Approx. ed.)”, – said the singer.

Apparently, the question of “bulging belly” is extremely concerned about the artist. He couldn’t even restrain his emotions and used the offensive word in relation to its viewers. “And on the stage, when suddenly begin to sing from your stomach, and the stomach!..” Idiots! All. Okay?” The last two words of Dima Bilan with a charming smile said to the camera.

Note that the singer is different slim physique, and a few months ago and all appeared in front of the fans is so slim that those seriously concerned about the state of his health. Soon Dima Bilan really scared fans when suddenly cut your hair under bald. And then left the country.

After a time, the actor admitted that he was suffering from multiple hernias, which he had found in the spine, and because of the intense public attention to his person. Because then Dima Bilan for several seasons was one of the mentors of the song “the Voice”.