If I hadn’t gone into quarantine, it would be worse – the doctors

Если бы не ушли на карантин, было бы хуже, - медики

In Melitopol the incidence of SARS and influenza continues to grow. Our city is “close” to getting epidporog, which according to the latest data is minus 0.9. If children are not sent to quarantine, this figure would be twice as confident physicians.

According to the head of Melitopol laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Roman Sklyarov, last week in our town got sick 1323 people. Of them aged 0 to 4 years – 208 people, aged 5 to 14 years – 528 people, from 15 to 17 years 187 people, from 18 to 29 years – 98 people from 30 to 64 years 252 people, 65 and older 51 people.

Thus, for a week, the incidence has increased in 1.3 times. Roman Vasilyevich sure that if children are not sent to quarantine, the situation would have been worse.