If my son’s surgery, he could die, the father prisoner of the Fungus

Если моего сына сейчас не прооперируют, он может умереть, - отец пленного Гриба

The state of health of the Ukrainian political prisoner Pavel Fungus is critically deteriorating. So, the guy found the initial stage of cirrhosis of the liver and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

This was announced by the father of prisoner Igor Grib in the comments “Real Time”.

Father Paul noted that the guy is in critical condition and his urgent need to operate. Otherwise, a prisoner facing death. Paul was preparing for surgery when he was kidnapped by Russian security forces.

More than two years he has been in prison, where he was beaten, mocked, where there is constant psychological pressure and where the inhuman conditions of stay. And I want to remind you that he is disabled since childhood,

– said the father of the political prisoner.

Ukrainian Professor Vasyl Prytula, which treats Paul’s childhood, made a medical conclusion based on the analyses made by the Russian physicians. In General, the doctor is shocked by the condition of the prisoner.

“Paul had a new disease – the initial stage of liver cirrhosis. A neurologist generally expressed suspicion about Alzheimer’s disease”, added Igor Mushroom.

Who is Paul a Mushroom?Paul Mushroom – Ukrainian political prisoner. In August 2017 the Russian commandos lured the Ukrainians in Belarus like thanks to my father, with whom he was supposed to meet in Gomel. There he was kidnapped and moved to Krasnodar Krai, where he was put.

Ukrainian charged with inciting the citizen of the Russian Federation Tatiana Ershova to commit terrorist attack at a school meeting in the Russian city of Sochi.

Without daily medication the boy’s life is under threat, because the guy has a disability since childhood. Paul the Mushroom has become bad in court. The last such incident occurred on January 24: Pavel Mushroom again became ill. To it caused “fast”, but the process is not stopped, the judge did not actually paid to the deterioration of health of Ukrainian no attention and continued consideration of the case.


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