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Чи небезпечна фітинова кислота - 24 Канал

Prinova acid is a fairly common element in the variety of products. It contains the seeds of cereals, legumes and nuts, avocado, potatoes, soy products.

This was told by the nutritionist Alba Komissarova, reports Оbozrevatel.

Prinova acid is a complex compound of ether and 6 residues of phosphoric acid. Very often you can find information about what grains and nuts should be soaked for fteo acid.

That spread: Fotinovo acid has the ability to bind to certain minerals: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and reduces their bioavailability. As a result, we have a deficiency of these minerals, so the grains / nuts / legumes need to be soaked to this fotinovo acid is destroyed.

In fact: cooking destroys fotinovo acid. And when the food gets to your table, it already almost does not contain Filatov. And that small amount that there will be absolutely secure, because it’s simply not enough to hurt, plus, you’re unlikely you eat the whole day of raw nuts and crunchy cereal.

By the way, fotinovo acid may even be useful! For example, in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology published a study that showed the antitumor activity of phytic acid! And many other positive effects! A proposal to use it as a food Supplement! And you say – dangerous.

Conclusion: soak grains, nuts and beans, with the aim “to remove phytates”, and not to speed up their preparation, not necessary! But if you want soak!

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