“If the consequences will be serious” in China, explained the decision on the death penalty for spread of coronavirus

"Если последствия будут серьезными": в Китае разъяснили решение о смертной казни за распространение коронавируса

Infected people are forbidden to appear in public places.

In China, people who deliberately spread the new coronavirus COVID-19, be punished with imprisonment from 3 to 10 years and more than 10 years imprisonment or the death penalty – if the consequences will be serious.

This is stated in the statement of the Supreme people’s court of China, published on his official website.

“People deliberately spreading the new coronavirus or detrimental to health care workers during the epidemic, will be prosecuted and severely punished in accordance with the new judicial leadership,” the statement reads.

The manual indicates that the confirmed carriers of the virus can be charged that they threaten public safety when they are out of quarantine or leaving it until the expiry of the required time. Such people are forbidden to appear in public places.

It is noted that the guidance was released on Monday by the Supreme people’s court, Supreme people’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security and the Ministry of justice.

“According to Chinese criminal law, the convicted faces a prison sentence of three to 10 years, if the consequences are not serious. If their behavior causes serious health problems, death or causes serious economic loss of state property, the defendants could face more than 10 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or even death,” the statement reads.