If the state does not intervene in Kiev airport may not survive the crisis, – the General Director of “Master-Avia”

Если государство не вмешается, аэропорт Киев может не пережить кризис, - гендиректор "Мастер-Авиа"

If the International airport in Kyiv, the government will provide financial and regulatory support in the coming months, Ukraine will lose the second largest and busiest airport, said in an interview LB.ua General Director of managing company “Master-Avia” Oleg Levchenko.

During the quarantine the revenues of the airport dropped by 92%, passenger traffic fell from 100 thousand people per month to zero. Each month from the airport leaves only one mail plane and not more than two domestic business flights. Because of this, the unpaid leave since March – almost 2 thousand people, is only critical personnel, he said.

“Stalemate: no income, increased costs and still need to give the airlines discounts of up to 80%, otherwise they do not fly. Of course, without government assistance the airport will not survive. And we, the management of the airport, it is already screaming for a third month, write to all authorities,” – said Levchenko.

The state represented by the Ministry of Infrastructure should introduce minimum rates for air services, the introduction of direct financial subsidies and create equal conditions for the two airports of Kiev, said Director General of “Master-Avia”.

“It is absolutely normal practice, if the state takes over the function of regulation and distribution of the flows of passengers and flights. Proportion 30% to 70% will enable both airports to maintain equal competition and ensure sufficient passenger traffic for the stabilization and further development of the economy of enterprises”, – he said.

Directed to the Office of the President and the national security Council the requests now under consideration in the Cabinet.

“If the state doesn’t help us financial and regulatory, we will not be able to survive. The same situation at regional airports. The only difference is that they have no competitors. In Odessa, Kharkiv, Kherson, one airport. In Kiev two. We have to compete while being at a disadvantage,” – said Levchenko.

From June 15, the airport can resume regular flights, but in the current environment this will only increase the cost, besides the resumption of the maturity of the loan and the interest rate after quarantine will increase the cost of the airport twice.

“If more airlines will begin flying a small number of flights, we would bring to work a full shift. Not just to use part of the runway, it should work all… Obviously, you will need to provide employees and passengers with masks, antiseptics, gloves, protective glasses, to ensure social distancing and information,” he listed the head.

Since 2010, LLC “Master-Avia” invested in reconstruction of the airport approximately 2.1 billion UAH of these funds – credit.

LB.ua published photos of the empty terminal.

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