If the victory will get Zelensky: at the headquarters of Poroshenko strongly denied plan B

Если победа достанется Зеленскому: в штабе Порошенко решительно отвергли план «Б»

The headquarters of the incumbent President and the candidate for presidency Petro Poroshenko determined to win in the second round. However, they recognized the mistakes of the current government and told about achievements. Reports Newsmir.info, in an interview with BBC News Ukraine, said adviser and strategist of the current Ukrainian leader Oleg Medvedev.

“We do not consider variants “B”. We need to plan “a” – to win this election and keep President a man who is obviously made a lot of mistakes, but managed to prove his effectiveness on issues that are immediate sphere of responsibility of the President,” he said. However, Mr Medvedev said at the headquarters of Poroshenko is not talking about losing because “24 hours a day working to win.” However, the officers do not deny the fact that the situation is really complicated.

“This is a very competitive and difficult campaign, in which our opponent has a lot of advantages, ranging from his support group, the largest and most influential TV channel”, – said Medvedev.