If you do not defend Ukraine, there will be no independence and future, Deryzemlya on the help of the army

Если не отстоять Украину, то не будет независимости и будущего, – Дериземля о помощи армии

Famous Ukrainian biathlete, Vice-President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Andriy Deryzemlya, told how he had helped the Ukrainian military in the beginning of the war with Russia in the Donbass. Thanks to the biathlon in Chernihiv opened Cent support of the army.

Deryzemlya, said that he was shocked when he learned that Ukrainian soldiers were not fully equipped.

“When we started, the support Center of the army was in Chernigov. Was the active phase of hostilities 2014/2015. When we opened the Center, people just carried on 5-10 hryvnia. Some businessmen carrying 10 thousand. Then the needed equipment, protective equipment for soldiers. Personally, I think if you call a soldier or a volunteer, it fully dressed. But when I arrived in Chernigov and I was approached by a friend, saying that we stand at the checkpoint, and we have 30 soldiers of two bullet-proof vests and three helmets, I was in shock,” – said the Deryzemlya.

First started independently at their own expense to help. To be honest, it was difficult financially to pull it off. Has been more and more requests, so I opened a support Center of the army. We are quite powerfully helped our guys with 13 and 41 of the battalion,
– said the former athlete.

Also, Deryzemlya remembered an interesting story that happened with his friends in a combat zone.

I have a friend called at Donetsk airport on rotation. A driver called in sick, put the new, which mistook the road and drove to the “separable”. They were fired, but miraculously survived
– said Andrew.

In the end, Vice-President of FBU told why he was not indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian military.

“I don’t know, perhaps education. My parents taught that to help. Perhaps it’s the look further, if not to defend Ukraine, there will be no independence, no future in the state. I’m at the beginning of the 2000s, in an interview, said the patriot. It was so unusual. This is after 2014, the nation became more conscious. I do consider myself a patriot of Ukraine, I love Ukraine and my city. there were a lot of offers to speak and work in other countries. I now see their future and their children in Ukraine. So I am not indifferent to this. I helped, help and will continue to help. Unfortunately, for most Ukrainians after 2015, as it does not sound cruel, war has become commonplace. Indeed, there are many events not related to war… But life goes on, many people continue to help. The majority believes that it is the duty of the state”, – summed up Deryzemlya.

Who is Andriy Deryzemlya?
One of the most successful Ukrainian biathletes. Bronze medalist of the biathlon world Championship 2007 (Antholz, Italy) and bronze medalist at the 2011 world Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia). European champion 2002 in Kontiolahti and European champion 2003 in Forni Avoltri. During a career of 41-year-old Deryzemlya 13 times stood on the podium at the world Cup. The Deputy of the Chernihiv city Council of the 7th convocation, member of the faction of the BPP.

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