If you feel dizzy, try these techniques

Если кружится голова, воспользуйтесь этими приемами

Maybe you spent too long in a stuffy office at a computer, or had dealt with the papers and now I feel weak and dizzy, the best way is to lie down to rest. However, the reasons for the “muddy” heads can be a lot. Exactly like ways to get rid of this oppressive state – dizziness. So here’s what we can advise.

1. Exercises

Some experts in America believe that in addition to making tablets (only on the advice of a doctor), you can do exercises from vertigo. Everything else, in their opinion, the problem lies in the inner ear of a person, increased stress which leads to poor coordination. And exercises help to lessen the dizziness or to eliminate it. What to do:

to sit with your buttocks on your feet (touching heels);

slowly drop your head back for a few seconds (don’t worry if the head at this point will spin more);

to return to the starting position, bend forward and rests his forehead to the floor (hands in front);

turn your head to one side. Depends on which ear noise/more tension. Like listen to the floor.

2. Special points

Chinese doctors advise to work with active points. It is not surprising, as this is a big part of Oriental medicine. And no need to doubt – it is, incidentally, very effective. Tip: press the 2 symmetrical points, which are located at the edge of the eyebrow (early growth). You need to work with the top corner of the eyebrow. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you do it right, you’ll be able to get rid of the dizziness. If not – will have no effect.

3. Another exercise

In fact, when problems with the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed water metabolism in the body, that too can cause dizziness. Exercise: place hands on hips to big toes were near the spine on both sides. Slowly slide your fingers do the clicking (at this point, exhale), duration – 3 minutes.

4. Position lying down or sitting

You can try if the dizziness caught up with you standing, lying or seated. Lie down with your eyes closed is better on the back until the cessation of mist in the eyes. If sitting, tilt your head to the knees (or better between your knees) for a few minutes – this will improve blood circulation, and you may feel better.

5. Water

Sometimes dizziness caused by insufficient intake of water. You for example, plus many more in training. Don’t lose your head! To get rid of vertigo can saturate the body with liquid. Moreover, be sure to drink water throughout the day (30 ml per 1 kg of body weight) and during vertigo.

6. Concentration at one point

Try to concentrate on one point. By the way, a technique dancers use when dancing too active. Conditional point of attention can be a painting on the wall, a stain on the table or ad in the post – anything. In other words, give the message to your brain that you’re okay and you have nothing is spinning.