If you see night these dreams, feel free to make a wish

Если увидите ночью эти сны, смело загадывайте желание

Most often dreams are merely a reflection of the real experiences, but sometimes everyone can see not just a dream but a hint or a sign. Some of the dreams can indicate good fortune and prosperity. Experts advise to remember such dreams and even keep a diary so as not to miss a chance to look into the future and get answers to important questions.

The bright sun rays. This dream suggests that soon your life will come joy. Bright beam pointing forward, talking about new possibilities. And the sun shining – good news, news about fast profits. If a man in a dream touch the rays in the near future it will attain wealth.

Beautiful garden. Garden with fruit trees portends happiness in human life. Well-groomed land and a large number of seedlings to progress in business relations and business expansion. A large number of fruit trees – fortunately in my personal life and family welfare. If I see a house on the edge of the garden and happy laughter, we should expect the resolution of any conflicts, as well as replenishment in the family.

High mountain. If in the dream man climbs a high mountain, in life, waiting for her quick success. Happiness shines to those who are unable to walk to the top of the mountain and look into the distance. A good sign is the bright sun over the mountain – it heralds the wage premium.

Rodents or insects. If rodents or insects flee from under his feet or fell into the traps – this indicates the close healing from diseases, victory over enemies and slander. This dream foretells good luck in any case and the lack of obstacles on the way to the cherished goal.

A lot of honey dreams good luck and happiness for years to come. If you had a delicacy in the comb, then such a dream promises good luck in your personal life, and if the honey pours into the jar – the person will be fortunate in the household chores.

To conduct the orchestra. This dream is a sign of many successes in life. Also, the dream promises a favorable time for change. In the near future people will be able to make the right choice that will lead him to happiness.

To fly the plane and land successfully or be at the helm to good luck in business. This dream promises success in any business, for which a man will undertake.