If you wrap the ginger in a cloth, that in one night will bring the mucus out of the lungs

Если обернуть имбирь в ткань, это за одну ночь выведет слизь из легких

Wrapped in fabric ginger will literally save you from cough and sputum! It has no side effects but it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for use, especially for children with sensitive skin.

Constant coughing can ruin you day and night, distracting from more pressing problems, or not allowing to sleep.

And a small child whose immune system may be strong enough, chronic cough can develop into more serious illness.

For the treatment of chronic cough doctor is likely to prescribe a syrup, not to mention possible side effects and long term complications such pharmaceuticals.

Two ingredients – dextromethorphan and codeine – commonly found in cough medicines, can cause headaches, insomnia, and headache.

There is an alternative to the typical cough medicines, and you can find it not in the store, and in my own refrigerator!

Mix raw honey, olive oil, flour and 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger and apply the mixture on the cloth or tissue around which then wrap a strip of gauze.

Then attach the gauze to his chest or back and secure with adhesive. Adults can leave the facility at night, but keep in mind that it can cause excessive sweating.

Children can be kept for up to three hours before bedtime.

Ginger and honey thousands of years are used as an effective tool for the treatment of various diseases, and, in the case of a strong cough once again prove its effectiveness.

But don’t forget about possible allergies to certain ingredients and consult your doctor.