If your hands and feet cold as ice, immediately run to the doctor

Если ваши руки и ноги холодные, как лед - немедленно бегите к врачу

If your hands and feet are cold as ice even in the summer. Not worth joking about burning heart. Time to pay attention to their health.

After all, this seemingly innocent symptom could indicate low blood pressure and thick blood.

Heavy viscous blood is not considered a disease, but to ignore this syndrome is impossible to prevent such serious consequences thick blood as heart failure, thrombosis, stroke, heart attack.

It is known that the sensation of heat to provide normal circulation: blood circulates to all parts of the body and warms them.

However, if the blood is too thick, you can’t go through all the fine capillaries, especially in the peripheral parts of the body (legs, arms). So they become cold.

And when it begins to freeze the whole body is an alarm signal of bad blood circulation, and the extreme need for urgent action regarding the improvement of liver, heart and thin the blood.

Interestingly, the normalization of the status of blood in the body does the liver. If this was done on a thick blood, he immediately falls into a state of oxygen deficiency (thick blood cannot provide the tissues and organs of the necessary oxygen) and begins to liquefy.

Doing it with antioxidants (vitamins).

You should also alert drowsiness, lethargy, confusion, impaired memory, fatigue, is a possible indication of seal of blood and slow down circulation.

Why the blood thickens:

The first is the poor performance of the liver (this is often incorrect human nutrition);

Insufficient fluid intake;

The predominance in the diet of industrial products, the production of which use different chemical impurities;

Insufficient consumption of vegetables, fruits, unrefined oils and other products containing vitamins.