Igor Lesev smashed Goncharuk: he wants to extend Rospotrebsoyuz stooges Poroshenko

Игорь Лесев разнес Гончарука: хочет протянуть в Госпотребслужбу ставленников Порошенко

Blogger and journalist Igor Lesev to the nines criticized the current Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. According to Leseva, the Prime Minister is actively pushing in the Cabinet of the people ex-President of Petro Poroshenko. He said this in the new episode “Bad night.”

According to him, Goncharuk is the most stupid Prime Minister in the history of Ukraine. He noted that the head of Ukrainian government clearly does not have enough experience and qualification for this important post. According to Leseva, Goncharuk himself understands this, and realizes that soon he can retire.

“Yes, grantovsky benefits will be slightly higher. But the chance to snatch what as of now will be gone. So he understands it. And starts already stuffed place in the bread delivered to him the trash” – said the journalist.

The blogger compared it even with the former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, noting that it would seem, any lower is simply impossible. But no.

“Even Yatsenyuk not even close. But Groisman and does the lump look. It’s just a few months later, when another only his face on the screen motivated to be sure to go to the polls and vote for anyone else,” he writes.

Lesew calls Goncharuk man without personal political rating, without the experience of running even a roadside hotel.

He reminded about the appointment to the position of counselor of the Prime Minister Natalia Boyko of “European solidarity” Poroshenko, as well as the representative of the Cabinet in “Naftogaz”. According to the blogger, Goncharuk purposely made this diagram to “drag” the Parliament of another ally of Poroshenko – Vladimir Vyatrovich.

Lesew also noted that the Prime Minister decided to appoint to the post of head of the state service for food safety under the Cabinet of Ministers “his accomplice from BRDO of a Sergei Glushchenko”.

“Dude in sarovskom BRDO now heads the legal sector. Have parnyagi legal education. And want to push on phytosanitary direction. Well, it’s like you’re an artist, and the top of a nuclear power plant,” – says the journalist.

He noted that such appointments Goncharuk clearly silhouetted in a certain pattern, which in the future could harm the country.

“That handsome guy on the scooter peroxoborate scored the entire Cabinet. So it also tightens the absolute Amateurs. Characters that put our safety at risk,” protested Lesew.

He added that all of these “characters” are in power, not in order to work well, and for a good steal.

We will remind, the head of Ukrainian government Alexey Goncharuk reassured Ukrainians, due to the growing questions about the possible loss of subsidies. Goncharuk assured that no one will lose subsidies.

Игорь Лесев разнес Гончарука: хочет протянуть в Госпотребслужбу ставленников Порошенко