Igor Zavadsky: I was saved In jail authority for an autograph for his daughter

Игорь Завадский: В СИЗО меня спас авторитет ради автографа для своей дочери

Accordionist Igor Zavadsky, who in Berdyansk seriously ill with pneumonia, was discharged from the hospital. According to administrator musician Andrew Bridget “KP” in Ukraine” wrote about that, how is it diagnosed, and, of course, we wanted to hear about its successful outcome.

It was heard that Igor is hard to say – interrupted breathing, voice and then broke into a cough. But in a short interview he refused.

“HIV is not AIDS, it’s only an infection”

– Igor, you said on Facebook that he left the hospital, but the temperature again rose slightly.

– I haven’t recovered yet. But I really wanted to touch the fingers of the tool. Now I’ll do it for the first time in more than a month! I totally lost form, and I need to restore it. The pills I drank in the hospital, I can drink at home.

– Will heal in Berdyansk or in Kiev?

– Of course, I will convalesce here in Berdyansk. Need for another two weeks. I can’t in this condition when the immune system is at zero, to risk moving. May get sick again and will again go into the hospital for two to three months.

– You said that AIDS was not confirmed.

– Nothing is confirmed. At the moment they say that HIV is 99% of the fourth stage, confirmed with three rapid tests. But deep analysis was not. And these were held amid very sharp condition, when I was in intensive care. It is possible to learn only in Kiev. I say that error remains one percent. But it’s not AIDS, that is, it is not a disease. It is only HIV infection.

“Plan the concert and win the race”

– You say that from the hospital drove the desire to play. Expect the first of the disease after the concert?

Yes, September 20 in the capital House of the actor.

You know when you need to go to court? After all, he in your prosecution continues.

– I don’t know when any meetings. They were moving so many times. I want to say that on the 27th of August, plans to go live as a journalist “in Exile” radio from one hour to two. And it is possible to listen to all that talk.

– You mentioned that you got sick from that repurchased in a cold sea.

– Not from overseas. I became ill with pneumonia due to the fact that repurchased in cool the river. It was 11 June – two months ago. But I would get sick of anything. When a person is in the fourth stage of HIV, it will stick at the first cold sore any. I was diagnosed with pneumocyst pneumonia. Such may stick or to TB 3 – stage 4 or HIV and 4 th stage. The TB I have not been confirmed.

– Now will protect from overloads?

– I will prepare for the competition on September 6 and plan to win the road race of 100 kilometers.

– Straight race! And breathing enough?

– I hope that will distribute your hand, and everything will be fine. I also hope that HIV is a mistake. In-depth analysis was not. But the fact that my immune system is at zero – it’s true. Now I take special pills that will pick it up every day a little bit. Doctors promise that in six months the immune system will recover fully.

Even the small amount of immunity that I had 1 last September, was enough to make me win the race

“In my life paid $ 100,000”

– You wrote that you intentionally HIV infected in Lukyanovka jail. Still think so?

– The fourth stage of HIV does not occur for one to two years. Infect I could only jail 7 – 8 years ago. And I was there four years was.

This was done deliberately, as there were attempts to kill me. One famous musician, who for some reason decided I was his rival, paid $ 100,000 of the beholder – and there are witnesses. Administration of 50 000, 50 000 lads.

– A very solid money.

– I saved Merab Suslov (see “KP”). The man Yuri Lutsenko called thief in law, although in reality it is not. Suslov, who was sentenced to life, was brought to the Kyiv SIZO for investigation And his daughter in Moscow learned that there sits her idol Zavadsky and asked my dad to get an autograph.

Merab Suslov, until it was transferred to my case specifically for this, said: do not kill, until I can get an autograph for his daughter. All this he told me himself.

“When he moved, the whole prison I was sure of my innocence”

Just like in the movies…

And I got a reprieve to death – it was the end of the first year, when I was in jail. Merab for two weeks while I was next door to me camera and did my own investigation through the police, Prosecutor’s office. He is a man very influential. And told the lads about my complete innocence. And when he moved, the whole prison I was sure of my innocence. And I completely changed attitude. Even “Snitch” was removed, which I could smother with a pillow. All this I described in my prison diaries. In the first year I was the only person in jail people who did not have a mobile phone. I had been off from communication with the world.

“Full of plans and optimism”

– What else do you remember during his stay in prison isolation?

With me in the chamber was the captain of the counterintelligence service of Russia, which was smuggled into Russia girls from Ukraine and made them prostitutes. In our prison, he worked as a “Snitch.” The person with the strongest psychological preparation, hotspots fought. He set the task for me to come with him in the huddle and agreed that the aforementioned famous musician to kill. To me life gave. But of course I didn’t do anything.

Say this to the fact that I wanted different methods to eliminate. HIV infection is one of the ways. And pneumonia emerged as a result. So say the doctors, but nothing’s confirmed yet.

I am full of plans and optimism!


Honored artist of Ukraine Igor Zavadsky and his Manager Andrew Brigida was arrested in March 2012 on charges of molesting minors. In February 2013, in the Internet appeared the video of relations with 12-year-old boy, allegedly shot by a hidden camera in the apartment of the journalist during the undercover investigation. Friends of the musician have declared that everything is a lie, a criminal prosecution instigated by a major competitor Zavadsky (called surname Yan Tabachnik), who pressured the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office through the Party of regions. The result in the answer is claimed that has all the evidence of guilt of the artist and his administrator.

10 Jul 2014 Podilsky district court sentenced Igor Zavadsky to 13 years of imprisonment, Andrey Brigid to 7 years imprisonment.

In April 2016 the Kyiv court of Appeals overturned the sentence two months later, the musician was released from prison. His defense claimed by the representatives of the Kharkiv human rights group.

Now the case of Zavadsky and Bridget is re-examination in Podolsk court of Kiev investigates the evidence for the prosecution contained in the 1st volume. Just in 30 volumes.


Businessman Merab (Merabi) Suslov was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of organizing the murder in 2009, co-owner of the shopping center 4Room Shabab Aloyan. Yuriy Lutsenko, being then Minister of interior, have confused it with the Russian thief in law Merab Sukhumi, but then corrected his mistake.

The debate about how fair was the verdict and named the correct names of the criminals, do not cease till now. At different times, for Merabi tried to join the representatives of the Kharkiv human rights group, the people’s Deputy Serhiy Taruta, the Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska.