Ihor Smeshko: “the Path to peace – the implementation of the Budapest Memorandum”

Игорь Смешко: "Путь к миру - выполнение Будапештского меморандума"

– Ukraine for many years sells weapons, officially and not. Held once a leading position has now passed them. Why?

– Our arsenals become smaller, but any that are left obsolete. We inherited from the USSR a huge number of weapons and equipment, designed for a 5-7 million people. On the territory of Ukraine was the second strategic echelon of the Warsaw Pact. In the case of warfare the first tier (group of Soviet forces in the West) was supposed to last a few days, and then moved forward the second echelon, including the already mentioned 6th Panzer army, with the task to quickly reach the English channel.

And now, since 1991, Ukraine has successfully traded in these weapons, oversaw operations of the SBU. Not all was according to the law, and we, military intelligence, saw it, and Western colleagues shared information. Hence there was a conflict DIU with SBU… So, before I retired as head of the Gur in 2000 we received the news that the cruise missiles X-55 (flight range is 3.5 thousand km, potential carriers of nuclear weapons), strange things happen. Part of the missiles allegedly destroyed under the control of the military counterintelligence, a member of the SBU. Actually destroyed the mass-dimensional layouts of other missiles, and Kh-55 are stored, it is unknown for what purpose. Of course, we informed the SBU, but that only added to the pressure on the leadership of Gur. And just when I headed the SBU, found that was smuggling these missiles abroad. We had hastily to investigate, to show to Western partners that, Yes, the fact was, but we are not sitting idly by, and the guilty will be punished. In addition, it was necessary to show the world that these missiles can not be launched without their vehicles (strategic bombers Tu-160). We cleared this “mine”, was arrested by the SBU officers involved in smuggling, and not only them. Five men extradited to us at our request. However, there was the mysterious death of the defendants: in South Africa, Cyprus, and the Russian Orlov was strangled in Kiev jail after leaving our team… So was chopped off the ends.

– Let’s talk about resonant case, as the dioxin poisoning of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko. You doubted if it was at all.

– The poisoning of Yushchenko or imitation poisoning refers to the cases, the investigation which must bring to an end. Without this, society cannot move forward. Indeed, many reputable Western publications after the Orange revolution, wrote that, without this episode, Yushchenko would have won the election.

The investigation began SBU’s under my guide right after Oleksandr Zinchenko stated in Parliament that was the fact of poisoning. But in addition to this statement there was nothing. We immediately asked Yushchenko to pass tests, but his fellow MPs to give evidence. However, received nothing. Then contacted the Vienna. I had a very good relationship with my Austrian colleague and partner. Had to turn to him with a request to receive all information from the Rudolfinerhaus clinic where Yushchenko was treated. Under Austrian law, if there is a suspicion that the patient artificially poisoned, immediately taken for tests and the examination. Crowns did so, the examination showed no toxicity. When we asked to give us these results in the framework of the criminal case, we were refused. Then we went to court and after the decision of the two courts has received these documents. They underwent a we have a Commission examination, 17 were academics, involved professionals from the Institute of toxicology.L.Bear that in specializiruetsya dioxin (was created still in the Soviet Union after the “Vietnam syndrome”). The Commission came to the conclusion that poisoning is not!

In clinic Rudolfinerhaus still kept frozen sample of Yushchenko’s blood, taken during his treatment. Not once were asked to analyze this sample for dioxin, but the ex-President refuses. I hope this story will be completed. People should know the truth.

– A traditional question about the family, its relation to your campaign in politics. On personal time, Hobbies. What are you reading, are there Pets?

– My family – wife and two sons. At first, they, to put it mildly, was not happy that I was nominated as a presidential candidate. But then one of the sons said, well, dad, you’d never forgive myself, that could have something to do and did not. In the end, the family supported me and supported. Me and her are tight right now, I came down the waterfall of mud, black PR and lies. But I am a professional soldier, and proud to fight for again feel in combat.

I have things to do in your free time, if it falls. Finished the book (now being edited), called “the Last romantic of Europe. The national idea and strategy of Ukraine in the 21st century, or Where you go, Europe”. This romantic Ukraine, so many times we trust others, and in the 17th century and the 20th. I Like historical literature, especially primary sources (fluent in English, German, French). Recently in France I was lucky – I bought the original book of Voltaire’s “History of Charles XII, king of Sweden”. The edition of 1731, the French language. With pleasure read, especially the Chapter devoted to Ivan Mazepa. Voltaire calls Mazepa Hetman of Ukraine-Rus, our people – Ukrainians, not Russians, and of Peter the Muscovite Tsar, his subjects – Muscovites… a pet – Daniel I., that is the cat he is. Living with us for a long time, can afford whatever he wants and he knows that!

We will remind, earlier news, the “Today” wrote about how you spoke Igor Smeshko about the new lustration: there can be collective responsibility, only individual.According to Igor Smeshko, instead of cleaning the lustration law knocked professionals.

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Игорь Смешко: "Путь к миру - выполнение Будапештского меморандума"

Игорь Смешко: "Путь к миру - выполнение Будапештского меморандума"

Игорь Смешко: "Путь к миру - выполнение Будапештского меморандума"