IKEA will pay 46 million dollars for the death of 2-year-old boy, killed by falling dresser

Компания IKEA заплатит 46 млн долларов за смерть 2-летнего мальчика, погибшего от падения комода

A Swedish group and parents of child killed from falling off a 32-pound chest, came to an agreement on compensation.

The agreement with IKEA was achieved as a result of litigation that began after the death in Buena Park, California biennial Joseph Dudek in 2017.

This was announced on Tuesday, January 7, the news Agency with reference to representatives of the boy’s parents and most of IKEA, says DW.

The child died from injuries sustained from falling off a chest of drawers Malm weighing 32 kilograms. The family went to court, accusing the manufacturer that he knew about the risks of overturning his furniture, but did not warn consumers that attach the dresser to the wall is necessary.

The amount that the Swedish furniture group has agreed to pay, $ 46 million, became known to the American press, the official statement of the company, it is not called. The agreement requires IKEA also do more to inform consumers about the threats of tilts of the furniture and recall all the sold in the US, chests of drawers Malm series, which was announced in the American division of the company in 2016.

According to the most Swedish company in the summer of 2016, just in the United States has sold more than 17 million chests of drawers MALM. IKEA reports on 186 known cases of overturning these dressers, including 91 incident when children suffered. In 8 cases this led to death. Opinion of chests of drawers Malm series is valid only in the U.S. market. In other countries, these furniture items are still being sold.

The family of the deceased Joseph Dudek made a decision that will donate 1 million dollars of the total amount of the organization that is seeking more stringent testing of the furniture.