I’ll find you: Moustache threatened the fans for criticizing his image – video

Debutant super heavyweight Alexander Usik responded to threats in the comments of Instagram users who do not like his outfit.

The Tendril with his team visited Monaco, where they shared with subscribers in Instagram photo, which has caused a mixed reaction. Some fans started to write offensive comments, ridiculed athlete and his comrades for their outfits.

“Mustache like a clown in that getup,” “And your size was not?”, “Sanya, tuck in your shirt!”, “Oh, and style… a solid Farm. In the neighboring village to the disco at the time!”, “Like farmers in the dancing dressed,” wrote the subscribers.

In turn, Oleksandr Usyk could not respond to offensive speech, referring to the fans live on the social network.

“Guys, I want to Express my dissatisfaction with your last post. People don’t like the style. Not everyone, of course – many people like. Know what I want to tell you? Come walk! We were in this style in Monaco, at the casino. Those who are dissatisfied, write to the PM, I will reply, just don’t expose then to Instagram, I badly answered. Want to chat – let’s get started,” said Usyk.