“I’ll have to switch to soy”. Residents of Kharkiv – about the next price hike

«Придется переходить на сою». Жители Харькова - об очередном подорожании

The cost of meat basket has increased significantly. During the year it increased by almost 60 hryvnia. The percentage growth rates amounted to 11%, said Chairman of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

The biggest jump in prices – chicken. Fillet for the year increased by 16 UAH. Now the markets of Kharkiv chicken costs around 100-105 hryvnia per kilogram.

Plus 14 hryvnia per year scored beef. In the bazaars and supermarkets of the city flesh is cheaper than 130 UAH per kilo you will not find. Chops are worth 140 hryvnia per kilogram.

Pork rose less, per year – for 6 hryvnia. Per kilogram of pulp in the markets asking 110 hryvnia, chops 130 hryvnia. Given the current prices, sellers do not hide that for buyers in recent times have to fight.

“Now people take less and looking for cheaper. To have something to sell, you have to give people. But a lot to lose we can’t, because a loss here to trade also will not” – said the salesman of meat at the Horse market.

“I understand sellers, and seeing the price of everything, it is understandable why the meat is not cheap. He love meat, especially pork. However, given the current income, many can not buy”, – said the resident of Kharkov Evgeny.

“Meat is now very expensive to buy. Taken rarely and a little. If the prices will rise, will have to switch to soy. Because this was already like 20 years ago. And nothing – ate soy, it’s cheaper and taste good if you know how to cook,” says the woman Natalia.

“Meat prices are very bite. Even fat is to go buy – 50 hryvnia no, it is not the price per kilogram, and for a small piece,” says Kharkov Catherine.

During the year the fat gained in value even more than the pork, inform economists. The increase in price was 7 USD. Now the average price per kilogram is 80 hryvnia, and belly bacon close to the price of meat, two pounds will cost 100-105 hryvnia.

However, the growth of prices for a butcher’s cart will stop. This product will be of value to 2-3 hryvnia every month, summed up the expert.

According to the materials: gx.net.ua