I’ll think about it tomorrow: pregnancy at 30+

Я подумаю об этом завтра: беременность в 30+

More and more women postpone motherhood for later. From the point of view of physiology it is necessary to make it to 30. What is important to know for those who are not willing to make a career and a social life to sacrifice for the sake of the child?

Text: Aleksandra Kaminska

When it became known that Megan Markle married, the public went nuts. “How’s she going to give birth at that age?” the issue which most occupied the inhabitants. And this despite the fact that currently around half of UK women give birth around the age of 39. I’m younger Duchess for 2.5 years, but I was not myself. I rushed to study the subject: when it is too late and why. Very soon the Duchess of Sussex becoming a mother. I’m a bit embarrassed to announce her pregnancy in Vogue, but what to do, if not hints of the family, not polite questions of the doctor, and work on this material became the driving force that prompted me to take decisive action (on the day of publication of this material, it became known that Aleksandra Kaminska gave birth to a daughter. Congratulations! – ed.)

Fortunately, instead of the term “starorodyaschaya” today use neutral advanced maternal age (limit childbearing age). No strict limits, but the doctors believe that the period from 35 to 49 years. Boundaries are blurred as each case is unique. No doctor can predict exactly how and at what age do women start menopause as preserved egg, how quickly she can conceive. Fertility is tied to the genetic heritage, women, lifestyle, health status and even the amount of stress.

In my 34 it seems the new version of political correctness. Yeah, I never would have returned on 10 years ago with dramas, unlimited tequila and parties till morning, after which can easily return to the office, not thinking about the harm to the eggs – why, there’s still time. By the way, I used it well: he met with them, learned to cope with stress and raised a list of regalia from linkedin, loved the sport and proper nutrition, but if I can neutralize the effect of all completed experiments and become a mother?

A leading fertility clinic “Alternative” Love Myhaylishyn, which gave birth to first child at 31, says that the problem of conceiving at age 35+ is not so terrible as it is painted. Yes, in part the doctors would like to draw attention to an earlier birth, simply because a number of external factors that affect the body and emotional state, usually grows. But the body, in a caring and attentive attitude towards it pretty well.

35 the situation becomes potentially problematic only if pregnancy does not occur after a year of attempts (38 this term is reduced to six months, 41 – up to three months). Myhaylishyn reproduction with 86% of successful cases, said the main role is played not by age, but a low stress, healthy lifestyle and self-care. In addition good to know that Ukrainian specialists have the most modern reproductive technologies.

Vitalii Radko, doctor of the clinic “Mother and Child”, PhD, claims that most safe from the point of view of health age mothers – to 32. The ability to conceive depends on several factors, the first of which is ovarian reserve (that is, the presence in the ovaries of healthy oocytes). Their tab is still yet future when the girl is in the womb. Starting amount – about 400 thousand. The older a woman is, the fewer the eggs, and the quality of the remaining deteriorating with age-related mutations and “damages”. A sharp drop in ovarian reserve, and thus the ability to conceive occurs in 35. After 40 remains only about 10% of healthy eggs after 42 years – about 1%.

So soberly assess the chances of delayed motherhood will help the analysis of the ovarian reserve. And to improve their freeze eggs. In Ukraine, the cryopreservation (and along with the most recent strategies in reproductive medicine) has many clinics. Radko advises to decide on long-term planning as early as possible: for example, in 28. Then it will be possible to get pregnant and 40, but the child will be conceived using a “28-year-old” genetic material. Among my friends there were those who realized this possibility, but should write a post on Facebook like the PM showered questions: how much it costs, is it safe, is available in Ukraine. In the scientific online community of practice, Israeli human reproduction and embryology confirmed that the technology of freezing and subsequent “revival” of the eggs and even embryos are actively practiced.

Many believe that taking oral contraceptives, you can save the reproductive capacity. Xenia, Hailenko, head of the Center for treatment of miscarriage of ISIDA clinic, a member of the European Association of endocrine gynecology, says: is a myth. “Each month Matures only one egg, which gives the possibility of conception. At the same time, about 1,000 immature eggs in small follicles are dying. Thus, inhibition of ovulation “save” 1 egg per cycle, but the proportion of 999 is unchanged. So to prevent “the expenditure of the eggs” will not work. However, prolonged use of COC helps to prevent ovarian cancer, which is invaluable for the health in General.

Elena Aleksandrovna Molchanova, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category of the clinic “Nadiya”, says gynecological problems (hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, inflammatory disease, obstruction of the fallopian tubes) reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Manifest with age, kidney disease, heart, diabetes etc., increases the risk of miscarriage and complications during childbirth.

At risk – smokers and overweight people with a BMI of 32 and above. Another factor that can cause problems with fertility is stress. And here’s the thing. Stress when conception does not occur, because to produce offspring in a dangerous time – not a very good strategy within the framework of evolution. If we add to this insufficient sleep and a sedentary lifestyle, age 35, a woman accumulates a significant negative background, which reduces the chances easily and quickly to conceive.

All those who are busy with career, travel, personal growth, in General, all who have “got better things to do”, it is important to consult with a fertility specialist and determine the strategy for the coming years. Me personally information about the risks helped to discuss with husband and make a decision about the beginning of active attempts. I logically reasoned that if everything happens so quickly and may be complicated by health problems – better to find out about potential problems earlier to connect the hormone therapy, IVF, adoption. For all options, my husband calmly, even though I do not exclude that suffered heavy would be bad news – unfortunately, the part I know girls 30-40 years have already spent a lot of effort, time and resources to attempt.

I was lucky: I got pregnant almost immediately, but after long years of protection and all heard from the experts we were ready at least a year of attempts. But to conceive is not the only task of the expectant mother. It is important to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Ilana Halperin geneticist at Stanford clinic, says that the older the mother the higher the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. But the truth is that in 35 years he quite a bit taller than a 34, but 34 is just a little higher than 33.

There’s something else, what doctors rarely warn. Something I faced personally, and that is genuinely scary when you’re pregnant. First, vaccination. A range of vaccines required in childhood, losing its strength to 30. And I’m terribly sorry that you found very low levels of antibodies to measles in the fourth month. Just had to limit contact with crowds, where you can often see cases: after all, social responsibility in our country in such matters is non-existent.

Second, the treatment of chronic and infectious diseases. I carefully monitor the health in the last five years because nothing new pregnancy I gave. But none of the doctors said that with the decline of immunity (and this is a direct consequence of pregnancy, in which the body places a priority on the life and development of the unborn child) to Wake up all chronic and untreated diseases. Problems with the pelvic organs can all affect the bearing. Difficulties with the gastrointestinal tract may interfere with digestion and absorption of all necessary to growing new life. Especially when the progesterone will inevitably make adjustments to a slowdown of digestive processes, as the growing uterus can literally move the bowels and abdominal organs. I was “lucky” to encounter the chronic gastritis and a small worsening of asthma. All this, fortunately, is corrected by diet, herbal remedies and smallest doses anti-asthma inhaler.

Thirdly, dentistry and things like SARS and headaches. For the duration of pregnancy is banned 90% of the drug. Banal paracetamol causes deviations in fetal development and even mortality. The first list of drugs from doctors for me included only espumizan and noshpu. On the 13th week I treated caries without anesthesia and nobody will recommend.

Fourthly, malaise and fatigue. Never with this understanding I’m not looking at pictures of Amy Schumer from the hospital room, with IV fluids for toxicity. Fortunately, uncontrollable vomiting with an indication for hospitalization I had, but the holiday in Sicily was marred by the inability is a big part of comfort food, and nausea from the heat only grew. I could no longer walk for hours on end, and five months after a leisurely two-hour walks in the Park I need to lie down for at least an hour. It doesn’t seem that difficult, but those who used to live at a fast pace, to catch on the fly to work 14 hours “because like” have to get used to new versions of themselves. I never would have thought that a prescription from a doctor “to take a rest and lie down with elevated legs after a walk” would be so difficult.

Fifth, restrictions on food. About the ham, the steak doneness rare/medium, oyster, shrimp grill and sushi had forgotten. During the dominance of poached eggs regular eggs you have to ask to overcook at least twice. Easier to eat Breakfast at home, seriously.

Finally, the course of pregnancy. No doctor can predict whether the morning sickness, some disease will worsen, whether there will be pigmentation and swollen if legs. It seems to me that the habit of a healthy lifestyle still helps me cope with unexpected difficulties and to control a lot. For example, bouts of overeating – from online lectures about nutrition for pregnant women on coursera, I learned that the diet is enough to add 300 kcal per day in the second trimester and 450 in the third. But if you are not used to balance nutrients and to monitor food fun, high chance there is uncontrolled excess. A child needs complex carbohydrates for energy and proteins for growth. And omega-3 that helps to develop the brain, and folic acid. Miraculously I started taking it three months before conception.

The habit of movement helps not to sit still, and the neurologist confirmed that accustomed to sport the body needs to load. On your body I saw how much joy brings a return to the sport in the second trimester and how much easier it is with him to carry the discomfort from the growing uterus stretching muscles and ligaments. Yes, exercises are slower and the list of exercises has changed – but the fun level of smooth power and yoga for pregnant women is off the charts.

I was lucky to successfully pass two screening (checking for abnormalities of the fetus at 10-12 and 14-16 weeks); no complications I had a viral respiratory infection and remained in the performance. Age and the related nuances are, but I am stronger through sports and nutrition. I feel comfortable to carry the pregnancy to deal with morning meditations to reduce anxiety and stress. I worked on a variety of personal and family crises that demand from the husband the truffles in 3 nights I do not need. Can I bother you if you have questions, the pregnancy thing, in which the interests of all participants. By the way, your doctor who is able to instill the confidence that everything is fine, calm and with a smile to answer all the disturbing questions – perhaps the most important in the life of the pregnant woman. And no matter how much the expectant mother years.