Illarionov: Putin said: “we had such a tragedy, a war, we killed 27 million. You know, what is our response? Can you repeat that”

Илларионов: Путин говорит: "У нас была такая трагедия, война, у нас погибли 27 миллионов. Знаете, какой наш ответ? Можем повторить"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said aloud that we can repeat the war, which killed millions of people. This was stated by a former adviser to Putin, a senior researcher at the Cato Institute in Washington, Andrei Illarionov in an interview with the founder of the edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon.

“Pobedobesie”. In General, this is a very accurate description of what is happening in Russia. To give just one example of the thousands known. This is an interview Mr. [journalist Andrei] Vandenko gave Mr Putin about the war. The interview was given, maybe a month or month and a half ago, the so-called canned, but only now published. Responding to a reporter’s question, Putin said literally the following. I’ll try to quote close to the text. He says: “That was such a tragedy, there was a war… we killed 27 million. You know, what is our response? Can you repeat that”….Moreover, this text is one paragraph, not separated by panels. There’s even some comments do not give” – said Illarionov.

According to him, “these people don’t even realize or give what they want, they want to repeat”.

Former adviser to Putin said that the Russian writer Viktor Suvorov before the opening of the archives, wrote in his book that the head of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin was planning an attack on Germany. A Russian historian, blogger and publicist mark Solonin confirmed later this theory of Suvorov.

“These two men destroyed completely falsified propaganda history and created the first more or less consistent picture of the greatest tragedies that happened to our peoples in the twentieth century,” – said Illarionov.

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The second world war began on 1 September 1939 with the invasion of the Nazis in Poland. The war ended on 2 September 1945 the surrender of Japan.

The period from 22 June 1941 to 9 may 1945 in the Russian historiography called the great Patriotic war.

In Russia, the popular slogan, “Can you repeat that”, and usually used in the Victory Day celebrated on 9 may.