I’m about to burst: Sobchak broke dress

Вот-вот лопнет: на Собчак разошлось платье

The recent publication of socialite and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in a social network Instagram has been harshly criticized by subscribers.

The followers noted that dress on Sobchak’s about to burst.

Ksenia has posted photos and video, which announced the award “MUZ-TV”. Appearance presenter members is not appreciated. Black dress with fine white flower dispersed on the abdomen, on the neck – necklace of crosses.

“As this photo exhibit. Buttons broke, the belly shows”, “Dress bursting at the seams…”, commented subscribers. Necklace Ksenia some have called “air defense from the evil eye”, others suggested protection “from the vampires.”

“Beautifully dressed – it’s not about you, forever like a Granny in the village” – not appeased the haters, many of which are “dug” and to brow Sobchak, saying that too wishy-washy. Itself Ksenia traditionally silent.

Вот-вот лопнет: на Собчак разошлось платье