“I’m falling behind”: the star of the movie “the birthday Bourgeois” one. The enemy does not want

"Начал спиваться": звезда фильма "День рождения Буржуя" остался один. Врагу не пожелаешь

The famous Russian actor and star of the series “birthday Bourgeois” Valery Nikolaev stunned fans with a story about a difficult period in life and a serious alcohol addiction.

The artist took part in the “Destiny of man” Boris Korchevnikov and admitted that at a certain stage of life could not cope with the difficulties and began to seek solace in alcohol. Within a few years he lost his father and mother, which literally “faded” in his eyes because of incurable diseases.

Valery Nikolaev said that to choose from captivity “green dragon” I could not, and therefore turned for help to specialists and underwent a course against alcohol addiction.

The artist also shared details of his personal life, which was full of disappointments. More than 10 years he was in relationships with peers – Irina Apeksimova, married and had a daughter, but it did not save the family from ruin.

Later he had an affair with actress Daria Poverennova, which also ended in separation. And then fate brought Valery Nikolaev with the singer Tatyana Ovsienko, with whom he was together for five years.

In turn, Boris korchevnikov thanked Valery Nikolaev for the opportunity to interview him and talk about very intimate things since their last meeting was less than friendly and relaxing environment. Then Valery Nikolaev was detained by law enforcement for involvement in an accident while intoxicated.

Now the actor is happily married to a circus artist Elmira Zemskova, where they met while participating in a joint project.

"Начал спиваться": звезда фильма "День рождения Буржуя" остался один. Врагу не пожелаешь