I’m happy – finalist of the show “the Bachelor 9” Lily Kim commented on his loss

Я счастлива, – финалистка шоу "Холостяк-9" Лиля Ким прокомментировала свой проигрыш

On Friday, may 24, all fans of the romantic project “the Bachelor season 9” watch carefully, one of the two beauties will choose a presenter Nikita Dobrynin. The main character of the project chose Dasha Kvitkova, goodbye to Lily Kim.

The end of the show she decided to comment on his page in Instagram. Lily Kim admitted that not feeling unhappy, and throughout the project she was still herself.

I don’t write the poor girl that was not chosen in the final! I’m happy! And all because throughout the project, I haven’t lost myself, I never jumped out of the pants to look better, it’s always been me: honest, sincere and real! For me it was very important that you felt our story to let you know that all this is not only when the camera – said Lily Kim.

At the same time, she admitted, she didn’t want to know what Nikita Dobrynin was missing in the relationship with her. The final test under which she traded places with the man and had to make a decision about the trip to mount Vesuvius, Lily doesn’t understand. Pretty convinced that the presenter was supposed to act, its most important step was that she came to the project and has adopted all its rules.

“I don’t know what he want from me, and do not want to know! My biggest activity is the arrival on the project is to be weekly in such difficult conditions for him. Sorry that I have not hung on the neck, not talking at every step about how I fell in love with, not happy with him Dating and not crossed over in spite of yourself! I am very sorry that in our time, men have relaxed and think that she needs to “act” on par!”– said the former contestant on “the Bachelor 9”.

In addition, Lily Kim frankly told fans that during participation in the project “the Bachelor season 9” went through a lot of testing. To survive all she has helped support people who bombarded her page with positive reviews. After the final edition of the show Lily doesn’t want to communicate with Nikita Dobrinin and no longer intends to participate in such projects.

I was all alone! Went through pain, depression, apathy, frustration and devastation, I have sustained all! Project in my life anymore and never will be, as Nikita Dobrynin!
said Lily Kim.