I’m not advocating obesity, – fat Tess Holliday commented on the racy photos

Я не пропагандирую ожирение, – пышнотелая Тесс Холлидей прокомментировала свои пикантные фото

One of the most famous models plus-size Tess Holliday has decided to openly talk about bullying in the network and hundreds of messages that she receives after posting hot photos. The American model decided not to remain silent and to explain why it sees fit to show his naked body.

In a candid essay for publication InStyle, Tess Holliday admitted that he daily receives angry messages from network users. Most of them comes after the publication of Nude photos or frame in racy clothes. Buxom model admits that it hurts her, especially when she openly wish death from obesity.

Once I woke up and saw in Instagram the following message: “the Image of your body is unhealthy and dangerous. You’re a fat woman who tries to adorn themselves with beautiful clothes and make-up. Can’t wait when you’ll drop dead of a heart attack. It ended funny Emoji. Every day I receive such message, this was my whole life,
– the beginning Frank the story of Tess Holliday.

Such angry comments 33-year-old Tess Holliday tries to ignore it, but sometimes the haters give her sympathy or considerable anger. And even after the attacks in the network model, the weight of which reaches 150 pounds, continues to say that a beautiful woman with any body.

“Recently a young lady wrote me how miserable I am and how much she hates me. Instead of lash out in response, I looked at her account and saw that she was being treated for anorexia. I texted her: “I am sad because you must feel horrible, if I were rude to me. Culture diets failed and ruined so many lives. May you have luck in your recovery.” I put a heart at the end of his message, and she thanked with a sad Emoji what I did not expect,” shared Tess Holliday.

The model itself because of the condemnation the public turns for help to a psychologist. In addition, Tess Holliday admitted that he is not discouraged, it helps a game in which she feeds the kittens.

But despite the vivid image of hundreds of naked pictures that fill the blog buxom model, she says that never promoted obesity. According to Tess, her main goal is to show that even with great forms of women can be loved and happy and successful.

What amuses me the most? When people say that I’m advocating obesity, and attracts others to become thick. If I say, “I love myself”, they think I say, “Hey, you need to weigh 300 pounds, then you will enjoy life like me.” It’s funny… I can’t live my life unhappy, because tomorrow you could die. And then that I was miserable, because fat?
explained Tess Holliday.