“I’m parked in tombstone”: a Farmer from Crete accidentally found an ancient tomb

Sensational archaeological finds sometimes happen unexpectedly, and people far from science.

«Припарковался в надгробие»: Фермер с Крита случайно нашел древнюю могилу

For example, a farmer from Crete by accident found the ancient tomb of the Minoan period. The man literally parked in the tombstone. When he stopped the car in an olive grove, the land subsided, revealing a clay coffin. Arrived archaeologists could not believe his luck. The artifacts remaining from this era are extremely rare. From the grave with all the precautions were recovered two skeletons and two dozen well-preserved pots with intricate ornaments and figures of people.

According to scientists, found objects completely prove the theory of the presence of Minoans in Ierapetra. Further excavations attracted students of the archeological faculty, who work under the direction of Professor of the University of Athens Yanis Papadatos. The researchers hope that they will be able to detect traces of a fairly large settlement from the Minoan period.

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