“I’m p*races and moshikame not talking. I x*ryu,” the Gerbil threaten the ecologist

«Я с п*расами и чмошиками не разговариваю. Я их х*рю» - в Песчанке угрожают экологу

“Loch, you mess with me?!”.

“Your drone takes off, and I’m sitting here with a gun and blaming him,” – said today in pishchanka village local resident, Secretary of the Environmental public Council under the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, public environmental inspector Vyacheslav Gorobets at his home the man, identified as Vadim Kalmykov.

With the help of activists record drone fires and fires in the community.

“My street”, “my island”, “problems of Indians of the Sheriff do not excite” – the statement of the man who called the villagers “cattle” who tried to usurp half a hectare of forest involved in illegal fishing (using prohibited fishing gear) and posing as “crime boss”, which moved to direct threats to the local Gerbil activist and public figure Vyacheslav Gorobets,” writes Рishanka.dp.ua.

According to the website, Vadym Kalmykov, living in the house on Christmas street (the former Proletarian) of the village of pischanka, flaunts the fact that he sat in jail, judo, and served in the landing.

He now lives in the river, but has a big house in the Gerbil, which it is not furnished, but according to neighbors, lives in the village in the summer.

CAUTION! Swearing and video, remove children from the screen

Vyacheslav Gorobets explains the cause of this conflict:

“The first time I saw this citizen a month ago, when I was standing outside talking with neighbors. He came up with the words “this is the most famous environmentalist Gorobets?” and started swearing, threatening to snap my legs in public, if you go “on his street”.

As it turned out, it greatly opened my activity against those who scorches the leaves.

After that, he cornered to my house to fish, in the pond, which I “messed up”. Then apologized, said I not so understood.

Then was caught poaching threw mesh on a pike in “spoiled” me and “stinky pond”. Mesh not found.

Offered to buy nearby my house area, while acting as a mediator.

Then complained about a landfill near a cemetery, in response to which I invited him to the session, come mingle with members. On session have not come.

I also haven’t seen him at any meeting or court of the community. None the cleaning of the forest or highway.

The Gerbil lives, according to the evidence of residents, only in the summer.”

Kalmyks accused the activist of stealing the nets of illegal fishing gear, which the Kalmyks established in a local pond during the spawning period in the spring of 2019. Threatened with death if the ecologist does not return his “property”.

By the way, August 31 at 10:00 in Peschanskaya United territorial community will host a discussion “Open MIC” about the security situation, awareness of the population about a new stage of reforming the national police.