Imagine Dragons – 2018 Origins: listen to new album online

Imagine Dragons - Origins 2018: слухати новий альбом онлайн

9 Nov American indie rock band Imagine Dragons presented their new album “Origins”. This is the fourth Studio album. The previous album “Evolve” Imagine Dragons was presented in June 2017.

In the Deluxe version of the album includes 15 tracks, among which the already known “Natural”, “Machine” and “Zero”, which the group presented earlier. On the official page Imagine Dragons on Twitter reported that the album is already available for download and streaming on major music platforms. Songs performed in characteristic style the band are accustomed to connoisseurs.

In an interview with the lead singer Dan Reynolds said that the group is fairly fruitfully worked on the new album, trying to release it as soon as possible, because the musicians experienced that the songs will become obsolete even before they are released.

We had songs that we wrote immediately after the release of “Evolve” and thought, “Maybe we should wait a few years, like all bands, and then to release a new album. Later crept up another thought: “why don’t we do it now?”,
– shared Reynolds.

Listen to the audio teaser of the new album “GDP”:


1. Imagine Dragons – “Natural”

According to the lead singer of the band is a song about finding yourself, about the willingness and ability to face any adversity in your way”.


2. Imagine Dragons – “Boomerang”

In composition it is about the difficult relationship between a boy and a girl. Lyrical hero compares his beloved with a boomerang that comes back when its released.


3. Imagine Dragons – “Machine”

The track is filled with despair and unwillingness to be part of the machine, a cog in the system, a detail of the mechanism.


4. Imagine Dragons – “Cool Out”


5. Imagine Dragons – “Bad Liar”

Apparently, the song guy asks a girl asking to believe him.


6. Imagine Dragons – “West Coast”


7. Imagine Dragons – “Zero”


8. Imagine Dragons – “Bullet in a Gun”


9. Imagine Dragons – “Digital”


10. Imagine Dragons – “Only”


11. Imagine Dragons – “Stuck”


12. Imagine Dragons – “Love”


13. Imagine Dragons – “Birds”


14. Imagine Dragons – “Burn Out”


15. Imagine Dragons – “Real Life”


We will remind, on August 31 in Kiev has died down a Grand concert by American rock band Imagine Dragons. The show was incredible and will be remembered by thousands of fans of the team.

Imagine Dragons - Origins 2018: слухати новий альбом онлайн
The band Imagine Dragons in Kiev

Imagine Dragons - Origins 2018: слухати новий альбом онлайн
Dan Reynolds


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