Imagine small motorcycle Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke

Представили маленький мотоцикл Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke

Company Langen Motorcycles presented its first motorcycle.

The first motorcycle brand, was officially presented. It’s not like modern classic tales. The model is equipped with a tank made of carbon fibre, the new Ohlins forks. In addition, the motorcycle is now installed dampers from Ktech and Dunlop tires.

Despite the catchy appearance, the main feature of the model is the powerplant. On the production of motor worked for the company from Italy Vins, founded by former employees Ferrari. Two-stroke V-twin has a volume of 250 cubic meters and has a capacity of 80 “horses”.

The creators claim that the bike will have managed hunger. This means that the time can be controlled by means of a special system.

The bike will have a transmission with 6 speeds, combined with the weight of only 112 kg, it will make him very dynamic.

The manufacturer even claims other technical specifications. The price also remains at the moment unknown.