IMF advises Ukraine to focus on land reform and privatization

МВФ советует Украине сосредоточиться на земельной реформе и приватизации

The International monetary Fund believes that Ukraine should focus on land reform and privatization, as this is a highly promising sectors from the point of view of investment.

This was said by the IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jost Longman at the XV annual investor conference organized by Dragon Capital in Kiev, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“Among the things that you should do is to focus on land reform to be able to buy agricultural land. You should also concentrate on privatizing state-owned enterprises to the private sector could come in and make a contribution to this sector”, – said Longman.

He also said that now begins the reform of the State fiscal service, and this in turn should improve the business environment.

Longman also reminded that over the last 5 years much has been done in different areas, ranging from reform of the banking system and ending with the establishment of anti-corruption bodies.


The Board of Directors of the International monetary Fund approved a program of assistance to stand-by for Ukraine in 14 months for a total amount of 3.9 billion dollars.

In October, the international monetary Fund and Ukraine have reached agreement on a new 14-month program of support to the economic policy of stand-by, which will replace the programme of the eff, which expires in March 2019.

This happened immediately after the government agreed to raise the price of gas for households is 23.5%, which was one of the key requirements of the lender.

On 4 February the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on the prolongation of the land moratorium to 2020, although the Ministry has proposed Poroshenko to veto the law.

At the same time, this law, the Cabinet shall, until 1 March 2019, to submit to Parliament the draft law “On land turnover”.

Last year the plan for privatization was performed on 2%. The “hole” in the state budget decided to close at the expense of the loan.

МВФ советует Украине сосредоточиться на земельной реформе и приватизации