Imitation of sex and alcohol: Madonna shocked during a speech in new York

Имитация секса и алкоголь: Мадонна эпатировала во время выступления в Нью-Йорке

American pop diva Madonna has long said he did not want to adjust any rules. That’s why her performances are a combination of outrageousness and art. However, recently she managed to outdo themselves.

61-year-old Madonna went on a major tour, organised in support of the new album, Madame X. a Series of performances of the famous artist decided to start with new York. And although the performance was held on 17 September, the web is still much discussion of what they saw.

Fans of the actress say that on stage, the pop diva came out with a delay of more than an hour. Madonna immediately asked everyone to switch off mobile phones, stating that strives to create a special atmosphere and the ability to “look into the eyes of each viewer.” So with the outrageous performance in a network there was only a few frames.

“I enjoyed every minute of this intimate experience, I now look at the audience and don’t see how flashing phones and cameras, and in return, the eyes, the smiles and the happy human face. However, I am shocked and confused because those who ignore my request not to record the show. This request is common for all the shows on Broadway … If you can’t live without the phone for two hours – it’s a performance not for you,” said the network Madonna.

Eyewitnesses claim that Madonna in between songs with ease drank beer and joked on controversial topics. In particular, the singer publicly potrollila the current US President Donald trump. In General, the pop diva led a very bold and during the performance, simulated sex, reports The New York Times.

Do not forget the artist and his life principle, and the scene said that “every woman has a right to decide what to do with your body”. Apparently, this shocking show Madonna wanted to confirm his statement.