Immunologist ridiculed the wearing of masks in the street

Врач-иммунолог высмеял ношение масок на улице

Immunologist, a specialist in especially dangerous infections Vladislav Zhemchugov called ridiculous the idea of wearing medical masks on the streets because of the risk of Contracting coronavirus outdoors is minimal.

He declared it on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to him, in order to sick person must inhale the so-called infecting dose, which on the street is difficult to obtain. “People cough, exhale the virus, and the wind takes it away. On the street, on the beach wearing masks is funny. Another thing to be in a room with so many people, there masks are needed,” said Pearl.

He also noted that the risk of infection can be minimized if not to save and to include in public transport ventilation at full capacity. In the subway, he said, should also be sure that the cars were not crowded.

Earlier it became known that the Russians in General were less likely to wear masks and gloves in public. So, according to the study Wanta Group, the proportion of residents of cities, bearing protection products in grocery stores decreased from 86 to 81 per cent in comparison with the last week of June. In the parks of the mask and gloves are worn by 14 percent versus 18 percent in June. In beauty salons, the figure fell from 60 percent to 52 percent.