Imogene Forte: motion and emotion in the streets of the big city

Имоджин Форте: движение и эмоции на улицах большого города

Artem Aslanyan

The world in motion and frozen on the persons mood out of the crowd – the focus of the lens of London photographer Imogene Forte (@imogenforte). She became a photographer of the month in our category “European lens”.

Forte was born in London and grew up in the bustling capital’s multicultural atmosphere. The city helped develop her natural curiosity toward daily situations and conditions in which people are on the streets and in transport. She loves to document the emotions in the crowd on the street: get a colorful, but very Frank and honest sketches.

Work Fort are reminiscent of the thin boundary between the inner world and its outward manifestations: as makeup or layers of clothing we’ve pulled on ourselves, we will always be sure to have some transparency.

Imogene reveals the inner essence of their characters, dazzling the audience with powerful visual story about life. For several years she won awards and scholarships through their photos. We talked with a young photo-artist to find out more about her work.

The first steps I made in advertising working as a copywriter and an art Director. A few years later I fell in love with photography and started to shoot everywhere on her camera. After that it went uphill. I began to receive orders, and then I was lucky and I became a laureate of the LPA Futures Awards, which supports young talents in photography. This allowed me to quit my job and concentrate on photography 100%. The dream became a reality.

When I can I like to take video. I have quite a lot of equipment, but when I travel, I still take a old 35mm camera that I bought many years ago. In this device there is all sorts of modern bells and whistles, but it is lightweight and durable and this makes it ideal for the fast and the curious photographer.

First I bought a film camera for a trip to South Africa. This is one of the most photogenic places on earth, and I was going to like the American festival of Burning Man in the desert, where, as it seemed to me digital camera will not survive. Alas, I have not really figured out how to load film in the result, none of the 10 coils failed!

Fortunately, this bad experience was not enough to knock me out of the way! I’m still sure that those photos would be among my best shots… So my advice: it is important to learn how to charge the film, before photography.

Everyday life through the prism of beautiful is what I strive for! Every day I’m looking for beautiful and live moments, hidden in the midst of chaos. Yeah, and paint! I love the color.

I love to photograph people. I’m most curious to observe and document emotions as they become part of the street scene.

It’s such a difficult question! I just spent a month in Italy with a grant Magnum Photos and it was a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the country. But I all the European countries I’ve visited, like for different reasons.

I think for me the most important frames is a photo of my family, because in themselves they are for me the most.

I like to try new things, so I guess I never flatly not going to abandon those or other subjects, but you can still say that I’m interested in still life. For me it is important to respond quickly to any unexpected situation and I love spontaneity, I love the surprises that happen when I’m shooting people in real circumstances.

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