Impeachment in the United States: the last trump and a trap for Zelensky

Импичмент в США: финал для Трампа и западня для Зеленского

On Tuesday, January 21, the U.S. Senate plans to begin hearings on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This claim of the leaders of the Republican majority in the Senate. What could result in litigation and what therefore to expect Ukraine to understand “Apostrophe”.

Trump vs Democrats

Senate hearings on the issue of impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump can begin on Tuesday 21 January at 12.30 local time, when Ukraine will already be evening. In accordance with the procedure, all senators would have to sit on this issue every day, except Sundays, until the issue is resolved.

Donald trump became the third President in U.S. history, against which was initiated by the procedure of impeachment. Recall that in mid-December, the House of representatives, where the majority controls the Democratic party, voted to impeach. Parliamentarians accused the President of trump on two counts: “abuse of power” (possible pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky in order to begin an investigation against Joe Biden) and “obstructing” Congress.

But in the Senate the majority holds trump already friendly to the Republican party. Given this fact, President trump is unlikely to be removed from office. However, just before the start of the debate in the Senate, the odious businessman and attorney “of counsel” Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani, Leo Parnassus has decided to betray his colleagues. As previously reported, “Apostrophe”, Parnas gave the prosecution a considerable number of documents, including correspondence with a number of Ukrainian officials – the former public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Chairman of SBU Ivan Baranovym and assistants to the President Sergey Sefirot and Andriy Yermak.

And while the Parnassus hardly “drown” trump, the visible interest of the Democrats that the investigation against Donald trump continued. “Impeachment has become part of the presidential campaign in the United States, which actually has started,” – said in a conversation with “Apostrophe” political expert Viktor Nebozhenko.

The American press also reasonably suspects that the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin is most interested in how to translate the arrows on Kiev, which is in 2016 had allegedly interfered in the election campaign of the United States. In addition, as recalled in a conversation with the “Apostrophe” Director of the “Eurasian democratic initiative” Peter Zalmaev, President trump gave reason to suspect that the anti-Ukrainian moods in the White house is Moscow.

Импичмент в США: финал для Трампа и западня для Зеленского

Putin is interested in how to translate the arrows on Kiev

“Donald trump was already seen in the comments on this topic. But now, when it is expected that the Senate will consider the case of impeachment, he doesn’t want to stir up trouble. Donald trump doesn’t want to complicate the task of the Republicans to justify it. So this time he decided to refrain from harsh comments about the Ukraine,” explained Peter Zalmaev.

Tactics of the White house

Impeachment is a complicated political and legal confrontation, which both Republicans and Democrats are trying to use in their own interests. The parties believe that each new round of political struggle will keep in the tone of their electorate.

Donald trump and his team are trying to discredit the investigations of Democrats. The white house chose the tactics of complete denial. Donald trump literally every conversation with journalists said that not to put pressure on Vladimir Zelensky, accusing the Democrats in the organization of “the party punishment”. The defence’s trump built on exposing the “Ukrainian corruption” with which they want to link Joe Biden and his son hunter. Visits Rudy Giuliani (personal lawyer of the President of trump – “the Apostrophe”) to Kiev are presented so that the White house is pressuring the President Zelensky, but rather helps him to fight systemic corruption in the country”, – commented on the “Apostrophe” head of the Agency for modeling situations Vitaliy Bala.

In addition, while the hearing took place behind closed doors, President trump criticized the Democrats for what they allegedly did not give him the opportunity to speak and defend themselves. When the hearings moved into the public phase, the White house refused to send to Congress his lawyers and witnesses.

From a technological point of view, the solution to the team’s trump not to participate in the hearings in the House of representatives not to send their lawyers to the meetings of specialized committees was justified, said the “Apostrophe” head of the Institute of global strategies Vadim Karasev. “In this case the impeachment process looks like party and election strategy for Democrats. Previously, the impeachment was a bipartisan action. At this time, the Republicans and the White house are not involved and otherwise dismiss all suspicions, in order to be able to blame the Democrats that they are interested in power, not protection of national interests”, – says Vadim Karasev.


The Democrats, despite the Republican majority in the Senate, decided on impeachment for several reasons, he said. They can not recover from defeat in 2016. Top Democrats still can’t “digest” what they have lost is Trump. After the defeat of the Clinton clan have a problem with leadership. Yet, Joe Biden is the most likely contender for the presidency from the Democrats.

Импичмент в США: финал для Трампа и западня для Зеленского

Stream the inauguration ceremony of the trump in Kiev

“Because the allegations are substantial things, then the Democrats today there is no more powerful political weapon against Republicans, rather than impeachment,” said Vadim Karasev.

Risks for Ukraine

Formally, these scandals did not affect American support for Ukraine. In particular, Donald trump at the end of last year signed the defense budget for next year, which provides $300 million for the Armed forces of Ukraine.

However, the decision was taken by the Congress, against which the tramp could not go. Therefore, the risks to the President’s Office Zelensky saved. On the one hand, the official Kiev in the history of impeachment helpful chose the tactics of silence. Vladimir Zelensky and his diplomatic team are trying not to support any of the parties. But the problem is that the history of impeachment has gone too far, and Ukraine was involved in the inner sanctum of American democracy – the election of the President of the United States. Therefore, according to Viktor Nebozhenko, the current situation at the Office of Vladimir Zelensky is simply no “correct” line of conduct.

“No one in the entourage of Vladimir Zelensky does not know who wins it in November (at the election of the President of the United States – “Apostrophe” – the Democrats or the Republicans. If you win the latter, namely Donald trump, he will punish Zelensky for trying to sit on two chairs. If the winning candidate from the Democratic party – it will do the same. The situation is extremely difficult. In November 2020, Vladimir Zelensky will be much harder with Americans than with the Ukrainian people”, – concluded Viktor Nebozhenko.