“Implementing the recommendations of the health Ministry”, the unknown in the mask stole tulips from the flowerbeds at the Garden (VIDEO)

«Выполняя рекомендации Минздрава», неизвестный в маске украл тюльпаны с клумбы на Садовой (ВИДЕО)

In Nikolaev once again suffered flowerbed planted by activists on the street Garden.

– Tonight is the bastard stole a lot of tulips in my flower beds, which always pleases the residents of the Garden. We immediately see that the villain prepared the scissors and grabbed a big purse! And he is very “law-abiding”, because, following the recommendation of the Ministry of health, mask, wearing – when you quarantine a convenient cover for thieves and thieves, – she wrote in Facebook.

According to her, a similar situation happened today at the EKO Boulevard – there is also unknown cut a lot of tulips.

– Why the quarantine period is not to impose a curfew that night, the scoundrel was not roaming the streets? If not for such acts of punishment, all attempts to cure society is reduced to “0” in my opinion, concluded the activist. “gentleman” who stole flowers from the flower bed in the Garden (PHOTO, VIDEO)