In 2020, companies will need experts in the blockchain: LinkedIn

В 2020 году компании будут нуждаться в специалистах по блокчейну: LinkedIn

Skills bloccano section hard skills, i.e. skills that are directly related to job duties, will be most important in 2020, according to a new study of the educational branch of the professional social network LinkedIn.

Blockchain now tops the list of the most necessary skills in 2020, according to the blog post Learning LinkedIn on January 13.

In 2019, ObsoNET with bloccano ahead of key skills, including cloud computing, analytical thinking, artificial intelligence (AI) and user experience design (UX), becoming the most important skill in demand among global employers in 2020, according to the LinkedIn Learning.

Interestingly, in a similar list of skills that LinkedIn Learning proposed in 2019, the technology of the blockchain is not included. The category of “Skills most desired companies in 2019 – and how to study them”, headed by the ability of cloud computing. In addition, among the most important skills in 2019 was AI, analytical thinking, personnel management and UX design.

Source: LinkedIn Learning

Methodology: demand against the proposal

As noted in the publication, the demand in recent study was determined by analyzing the skills that are in demand compared to their supply. In particular, the demand was measured by determining the skills listed in LinkedIn profiles of people who work at the highest rates.

The study involved the city, the number of members in LinkedIn which started with 100,000 users, said in a blog.

Unlike soft skills (communication skills) hard skills relate to the employee’s ability to perform specific and specialized tasks and demonstrate technical abilities such as software development, tax accounting or patent law expertise. Meanwhile, soft skills are more relevant to how you perform these tasks as employees adapt, collaborate, solve problems and make decisions.

Linkedin the publication outlined the enormous potential of blockchain technology with the perspective of ensuring cost-effective, secure and decentralized method of tracking transactions of all types.

Emphasized that a number of major global companies such as IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan, Amazon, as well as the parent company of LinkedIn are actively implementing this technology. The publication appeal to international recruiters with offer to get acquainted closer with the blockchain:

“The blockchain is out of the former shadow world of cryptocurrency to become a business solution to many problems. This means that you don’t need to go to financial services to find new employees with experience and knowledge in the application of the blockchain. Thus, recruiters should start to get acquainted with the work of the blockchain, what are its visible benefits and people better suited to help your company to explore where this technology can play a role.”

LinkedIn previously evaluated the importance of technologies such as the blockchain. In 2019, the report LinkedIn Asia Pacific blockchain has been identified as the most sought-after skills in the coming years.