In 2020, the rate of the West will be made on the pressure on the Orthodox Church, having friction with the ROC

В 2020 году ставка Запада будет сделана на давление на православные церкви, имеющие трения с РПЦ

Tomoritese of Ukraine takes place in two stages. And if the first one was designed for domestic consumers, the second is associated with external assistance, which the West is having its “religious Ukrainian child”.

So, all 2018 religious side of social life of Ukraine was exposed to a powerful information attack, the main message of which was to get Thomas, and the formation of this new event of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – ptsu.

In his view, the main object of this informatiki was an internal “consumer” – a Ukrainian, not particularly concerned about the subtleties and nuances of Church norms and dogmas in Orthodoxy. This combined with regular grips of churches of the UOC and a strong anti-Russian rhetoric in the Pro-government Ukrainian media in recent years, and the situation with Crimea and Donbas, has given certain effect. But, the influence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church + support her in the Orthodox world did not allow the organizers of the “ascent” of ptsu to gain more supporters among Ukrainians than there were originally.

“Despite the support Fanara and supervision from the United States, a new Church and could not become competitive. This is well illustrated by the part in the traditional procession to commemorate the baptism of Russia. In 2018 it was attended by 250,000 people, and in 2019 300 000 parishioners of the UOC”,- the expert reminds.

Therefore, to help Epiphany and has come To the external vector, which launched the process related to recognition of the canonical status of ptsu other Orthodox churches. According to Kalinichenko, the situation of Constantinople and its overseas patrons complete sense to push all the crook on the primates of Orthodox churches to recognize them ptsu. Which in the end may in their opinion to raise the authority of the DNC in the eyes of the Ukrainian believers. Three Orthodox churches have recognized ptsu – Constantinople, Greece and Alexandria. Following this list, there may be likely Cyprus and the Romanian Orthodox Church, – said the analyst.

He is confident that the rate in 2020 is made on the pressure on the Orthodox Church having friction with the ROC + using the political influence of the USA on the leadership of countries that are in complex relations with Russia, so that they had an impact on the primates of the churches located on the territory of these countries.

Kalinichenko quoted the head of the DNC Epiphany that if Ukrainian “autocephaly” recognize the Church of Greek tradition, that “there will be several churches that will vary, to look at the internal and external situation in the Orthodox world, but I believe they recognize us – this is a continuous process”.

By hook or by crook – familiar tactics of the White House and the state Department, the expert says Alexei Kalinichenko.