In 73 first master the smartphone to lose weight on 25 kg and start getting compliments from young men

Как в 73 года впервые освоить смартфон, похудеть на 25 кг и начать получать комплименты от молодых мужчин

Joan McDonald is 73 years old, she was born and raised in Canada and fought all his life with excess weight. To win a final victory helped her familiarity with a smartphone and a daughter’s love. Now it has 80 thousand followers on instagram and the attention from the opposite sex.

The pensioner struggled with my weight my entire life. But nothing worked because she used food as “comfort” from all the ills of life. When arthritis and other diseases, it overcame 70 years began to assume an acute form, and the woman was hardly moved, her daughter gave the smartphone, which has been downloaded the app with calorie counting and nutrition programs.

Several months later, the daughter was persuaded to take part in the annual programme of transformation which takes place in Britain. Joan began to train four times a week and completely changed my diet. To monitor the status of the mother, daughter, Michelle created her account on Instagram, where she regularly published updates on their progress in fitness.

Incredible changesSpeaking about the impact of her new way of life, Joan explained:

“I’m one hundred percent refused their meds, including my heart medication, high blood pressure, acid reflux and high cholesterol.”

As for changes, they completely turned her life:

“Now I feel much better, getting compliments from the young men and women who, no doubt, increase self-esteem. My husband started to notice how good I look, and my family is so proud of my efforts.”